Back from Bear Lake

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe two weeks has flown by so quickly! Last weekend I was up in Idaho with some friends so I didn’t blog – but now I’m back and full of fun new adventures. In case you were wondering what I was up to during my little vacation, here’s a quick update while I catch up on doing laundry.

Last Thursday

I finished up my work for the day, walked home (as usual), and then spent the next hour or so packing all my gear for my vacation. Chris was awesome enough to have done a majority of the packing before he left for work, but I still had plenty of stuff I needed to gather up before we left. When Chris got home about 30 minutes after I did, he helped me with the rest of the packing, and then away we went!


We didn’t think our little car would make the trip (it needed an oil change and a few other small things), so we carpooled with some friends. Packing all our stuff (and their stuff) into the trunk of their car was like an epic game of Tetris. We had to squeeze and wiggle and squash pillows and blankets in order to make enough room for everything – but we eventually got it all done.

The rest of the drive up to Idaho was fairly uneventful. Chris and I got to relax in the back seat and enjoy all the luxurious leg room, and our friends were up front chatting away.

Unfortunately, the last few miles of the journey involved some twisty turny roads, so I started feeling a little carsick. Fortunately, we made it to the cabin (more of a house than an actual cabin – but everyone calls it a cabin for some reason) before I got really sick. My stomach calmed down as soon as we stopped moving, and we set about unpacking everything and settling down for the night.

Last Friday

Oh glory be…I got to sleep in. There’s nothing more luxurious than sleeping in on a weekday. I’m get up at 7 in the morning so I can get ready for work, so when I get to sleep in, it feels like a little slice of heaven.

After everyone slowly got up, we all had a tasty breakfast and got ready for our trip up to Bloomington Lake. We packed our lunches, smothered ourselves in sunscreen, and grabbed our towels. Some of the gang took ATVs up to the lake while the rest of us carpooled together up to a parking place (not really a parking lot, more of a flattened dirt area where people could park). We all had to hike the rest of the way, which wasn’t too tough.

Bloomington lake

Bloomington is gorgeous–probably the prettiest lake I’ve ever seen. There’s a giant tree with a rope swing where everyone took turns jumping into the icy cold water.

I didn’t dare use the swing, though. I can barely float and doggy paddle on the best of days, so jumping out in the middle of a lake didn’t seem like a good idea. I did, however, dip my feet in the lake until my toes went numb. Apparently most of the lake is ice runoff from the mountains, so it stays nice and cold all summer.

We spent most of the day enjoying ourselves, eating lunch, and playing in the water. When everyone started getting tired, we drove home and got cleaned up. I decided to take a nap first, instead of showering first, because there were lots of people staying at the house and they all wanted to get clean. I knew the hot water heater couldn’t handle everyone, so I took a long nap and waited until I knew I’d have hot water for my shower.

Dinner was fantastic. We ate Navajo tacos and scones, so I stuffed myself silly. After dinner, everyone relaxed, played a few games, and enjoyed each other’s company. I spent a lot of my late night hours finishing The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I loved it! I couldn’t wait to start the sequel, Words of Radiance (which I’m reading right now).

Last Saturday

Bloomington lake was a lot of fun, but Bear Lake is my kind of lake. We had to get an early start so we could find a nice patch of beach to ourselves, and even though we were there fairly early, we still had to drive a ways down the beach before we could find a place to park.

I love love LOVE the sand at Bear Lake. It’s soft and squishy and smooth–no rocks, gross seaweed, or bugs to be found. The water was warm in the shallow areas, and cool in the deeper end, so I loved alternating between lying in the warm shallow ends and splashing in the deep ends.


Throughout the day, I went kayaking with Chris, splashed around with the other members of the group, and even spent some time burying Chris in the sand. We built a giant sandy mermaid body around him –loads of fun.

After the lake, we went to LaBeau’s for their raspberry shakes, since Bear Lake is famous for its fresh raspberries. I’ll let you in a secret though–I’ll eat raspberries if I have to, but I’m not actually a big fan. I opted for a Peanut Butter Cup shake instead, and it was delicious.

When we got back, everyone got cleaned up again (once again I waited – gosh I love taking naps!), and we had an amazing barbecue. I was still really really full from the enormous shake, but I ate a burger anyway because it was too yummy to pass up.

We then played some badminton until the mosquitoes started attacking everyone, and not long after the sun went down, we lit a campfire and had some s’mores. It was super cold out (even with the campfire) so I didn’t stay outside very long. I ended up going inside and reading another kindle book until I fell asleep on the couch.

Last Sunday

Not much happened on Sunday. We ate a yummy breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning packing up our things and cleaning up the house. The drive home wasn’t too bad (I didn’t get carsick yay!), and when Chris and I got home, we pretty much collapsed on the couch and spend the next while snuggling.

Vacations are pretty darn awesome, so I did not look forward to going to work. If I could, I’d gladly just spend weeks playing in the sand and the waves without worrying about money or work or bills.

Sun burn

Sunburns are pretty much the only downside of the whole trip. I got burned (despite my best efforts to apply sunscreen regularly), and now I’m just starting to peel–which is pretty gross, and pretty fascinating at the same time.

Anyways, sorry this was such a long post! I had a lot to cover. I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going on–so see you next Saturday!