Beets BLU Key Finder: Worth It?

beets blu pagertag key finder in bowl with keys

It has finally happened.

My site has gained enough traffic that a company actually asked me to do a product review. No one offered to pay me, but I did receive an Amazon gift card and a promotional code so I could order the item for free.

Pretty neat, huh?

Anyways, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me introduce the product: a Beets Blu Key Finder. As the name implies, this Bluetooth device is supposed to help you find your keys. I was definitely excited to give the key finder a go, and you can read about my experience below.

The Invitation

I want you all to know that I want my site to stay as honest, direct, and upfront as possible. I’ve written for too many companies selling products that don’t work, and the glowing, albeit dishonest, reviews always made me feel like a dirty sell out. So I’m never going to sully my personal website with similar posts just so I can enjoy the occasional free item now and again.

When Blu Beets approached me through email, I felt a little skeptical at first. I usually see a lot of spam in my website inbox, and the following bare-bones proposal made me worry that it might be a scam.

first email with beets blu

But I also feel comfortable doing a little Googling now and again. I looked up the company, the product, and the user reviews before I gave a response. I found a few references to Beets BLU heart monitor, and eventually I found the official website, so the company seemed legitimate.

I agreed to write the review and gave details about my phone’s model (and my husband’s phone) to ensure compatibility. Betty, the marketing specialist, re-emphasized that I needed to write an honest review.

honest review request with beets blu

A few days later, Beets BLU sent me the gift card and code, and I was ready to go.

My Initial Impression

My new key finder arrived in excellent condition, and the packaging seemed snug and efficient. The key finder was surprisingly small and light. It wasn’t much bigger than the Beemo I have on my keychain.

beets blu pagertag key finder next to beemo keychain

The new key finder had no trouble fitting alongside the rest of the random items on my keychain.

beets blu pagertag key finder in purse pocket

And it had no problem sliding into my purse pocket.

Did It Work?

I did worry that my old Samsung Galaxy S4 would be too old to sync with the device. I am a few models behind, and I would love to upgrade again sometime soon. But I figured if the key finder didn’t work with my phone, it would probably work with my husband’s iPhone 6S.

But once I downloaded the PagerTag app from the Google Playstore, the device paired almost instantly. And with a quick touch of the button, the alarm sounded.

If you can’t load the video, or you don’t want to bother watching it, the alarm seems a little polite. It’s not heart-stoppingly loud so you don’t have to worry about annoying everyone nearby. But it’s high-pitched enough that you can find it easily, even if your keys happen to hide inside a coat pocket or at the bottom of your bag.

A Few Complaints

The key finder works. If you don’t need extra bells and whistles, you can trust it well enough to help you locate your tiny, missing valuables. But I think the device could use a few improvements.

The app should have a short tutorial.

I enjoy simplicity. I love knowing that I can press a button and have it do exactly what I expect it to do. The PagerTag app seems straightforward enough, but without any beginning instructions, I’m left to wonder whether I missed something important.

I played around in the settings, and it seemed like the remote actions could do some fun things such as take a photo. However, I had a tough time figuring it out all the details on my own. A user guide or tutorial could answer a lot of my questions.

It needs volume control.

Although the beep isn’t too obtrusive or annoying, I do wish it had volume control.

volume controlI know that if I ever lost my keys in a loud office or at a noisy park, the sound would never be able to compete with ambient noise. I’d love to crank up the alarm to full blast so I have no doubt that my keys are nearby.

Similarly, if I were in a particularly hushed place, such as a public library, I wouldn’t want to disturb anyone with the beeping. I’d love to turn down the alarm a bit so I could quietly search for my missing keys without letting everyone else in the area know I had lost them.

The connection seems spotty at times.

I like keeping my phone’s battery life going as long as possible, and few things drain my battery faster than Bluetooth. So ideally, I want to keep that feature off unless I misplace my keys.

But if I turn off the Bluetooth, my phone screams at me and lets me know that my keys are out of range (since it can’t detect the connection). Annoyingly, I have to first turn off the pager in the app, completely close out of the app, and then turn off the Bluetooth.

And even when I leave the Bluetooth on, the app sends me regular alerts letting me know that my connection had crashed (even when the connection seemed to function perfectly). I could probably blame some of the crashing alerts on my older phone model, but after reading a few other reviews on Amazon, it seems that I’m not the only one with the same problem.

Is It Worth It?

Beets BLU Key Finder is small, convenient, and fairly easy to use right out of the box. Though it has a few faults, I trust it to get the job done in an emergency. I like knowing that I won’t have to needlessly overturn couch cushions and dig through laundry baskets to find lost keys.

Beets Blu PagerTag Key FinderThe retail price on Amazon is about $25, which is a little high. Bluetooth tracking devices like this one aren’t the latest and greatest gizmos out right now, and you can usually find a bundle of 3 or 4 trackers with extra features for about the same price.

I probably wouldn’t have made Beets BLU my first key finder choice, but I think it’s not a bad little device to have on hand.