Bilbo’s Last Song Reviewed

bilbo's last song book cover

I’m a big Lord of the Rings nut, so when I saw that Tolkien had written a book about Bilbo’s journey to the Gray Havens, I got really exited about Bilbo’s Last Song.

Before you starting jumping for joy about another Tolkien book, you should learn from my mistake. This book isn’t anything new, some uncovered manuscript printed after he died. Rather, it’s merely an illustrated children’s picture book based on Tolkien’s poem.

It’s cute, in its own way. But, it wasn’t the epic adventure when I checked it out from the Overdrive app.

A Quick Look at the Book

This book takes Bilbo’s last song as he journey’s to the Gray havens and adds illustrations alongside it. The illustrations are classic and old-timey, which give the poem an old-fashioned charm.

The poem is essentially Bilbo’s way of saying goodbye – to his friends, his home, and the life he knew. Interestingly, the illustrations have nothing to do with the actual poem; instead, they are depictions of different scenes from the Lord of the Rings series.

My Experience With It

Once I got over the fact that the book was an illustrated picture book (rather than a full on novel – it’s sometimes hard to tell on the Kindle), I found myself enjoying the pictures, and of course, I was already familiar with the poem, so I enjoyed that too.

If your little hobbits need something to distract themselves, then it may be a fun book for them. However, if you want more adventures in Middle Earth, then you might want to keep searching.

Written By JenniBee


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