I’m Back After My Break!

The last few weeks have been a little crazy, so I took a little break from blogging. It’s been nice, not having to write something every day – but I also kind of missed it, so I’m back again and full of fun new book reviews and recipe ideas and other exciting things.

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve been keeping tabs on myself. This is kind of like a lengthy journal/log, so feel free to skim.

Friday (May 9)

I went to work, got home, and packed up. I didn’t even have time to write up a quick post about leaving for the weekend – just a little note on Facebook.

My husband and I drove to St. George to visit his side of the family. I love visiting family, so I was super excited to spend a few days with them.

Saturday (May 10)

Chris and I got up early with the rest of our family to see everyone run the Color Me Rad 5K. The family walked/jogged it, while Chris and I sat on the sidelines and watched the fun. If we had known what was going on, then we would have totally signed up to do it. It looked so darn fun!

color me rad

While we were waiting for everyone to finish, Chris and I bought 2 of the World’s Best Corndogs. They were crispy and tasty and HUUUUUUGE. The biggest corn dogs I’ve ever seen. I scarfed mine down faster than Chris did his, and I regretted it for the rest of the weekend. It was too much. . . no more corn dogs for me, please.

After the 5K, everyone showered off the colored powder, and we had a tasty barbecue. The weather outside was perfect, and the food was fantastic. The rest of the day was spent chilling and relaxing, playing video games, and watching movies.

Sunday (May 11)

Sunday was a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m not a mother – so I wished my own mommy a happy mother’s day via text since my phone signal gets a little sketchy down in St. George. We had stayed up really late the night before, so we ended up sleeping in through Church (sad but true). We spent most of the day snacking, playing games, and watching movies with the family – then we drove back home.

Monday (May 12)

I went back to work as usual, and when I got home, I gave my mom a nice long call to wish her a happy Mother’s Day like she deserved. Afterwards, Chris and I rushed off to Savory and Sweet before going grocery shopping. We like to stuff ourselves silly because that makes a shopping trips much shorter and less expensive.

We even planned out our meals for this week, so we only grabbed what we needed so we could get out of there quickly. We spent the rest of the night cuddling and playing Child of Light.

Tuesday (May 13)

Chris’ schedule changed for summer, so he is more available after work. Since I made such amazing plans to workout after work, I thought maybe he could join me and we’d work out together. I was excited all day to go exercising with my husband, but right when I got home I got hit with a huge migraine.


I’m lucky that I see migraine auras, which actually doesn’t sound all that lucky when I think about it. But, I’ve noticed if I take ibuprofen right when I see the aura, then the medication kicks in right as the headache is, so they cancel each other out.

I still end up feeling kind of groggy and icky when that happens, but it’s not as bad as a full-blown, blinding migraine. I ended up sleeping on the couch right after work until the worst of the effects wore off, but I didn’t feel like exercising after that.

This week we also aimed to eat healthy, so we had planned out our meals for the rest of the week. The meal planned for Tuesday was a potato bar, and we had bought potatoes Monday. But, when it came time to prepare our food we realized we kind of forgot an important aspect to potato bars – the toppings!

We managed to scrap together some sour cream and bacon bits for our potato bar, but we realized that they were just normal potatoes without all the extras. We ended up making some fish fillets to balance out the potatoes, so essentially we had fish and potatoes rather than potato bars.

Wednesday (May 14)

I decided to take the opportunity to relax and unwind. For some reason I’ve been feeling worn out and frayed for the past while, even though I haven’t done anything extra to merit the exhaustion. I guess my batteries just needed to be recharged, so I went to the park. Instead of going for a walk or attempting to jog, I spread out a picnic blanket on the grass and just soaked in the sunshine while I finished reading I Am Number Four.

Then, I went home, made some pita pizzas for dinner. I timed it just right so the pizzas would be out of the oven moments before Chris got home. He had to do a closing shift for work, so he didn’t have time to stay long – but we did cuddle while we ate.

The rest of the evening I spent it reading. I started the next Shopaholic book and didn’t even bother to stop long enough to tidy the kitchen.

Thursday (May 15)

Another busy day – I came home and tidied the house with Chris so our apartment would be clean for our guests. Chris invited some friends over for some barbecue chicken (he’s a genius at the grill) and corn on the cob. Before the party, we ended up shopping at Walmart to make sure we had all the food we needed, and I took the time to buy some super comfy fitted flip flops. My older flip flops were falling apart and giving me blisters, but these new ones are dreamy – they have more cushion than a lot of my regular shoes, and they’re perfect for summer weather.

The party was loads of fun – the food was good and we played some Story War with a few extra rules that Chris came up with to make the game more exciting. We used Legos to make a gameboard and a dice app to determine whether certain moves were successful during the game. The more we play around with the rules, the more it becomes a D&D adventure.

Friday (May 16)

Friday was an angry sort of day. I had a meeting with my boss at work, and he essentially told me one of my articles was unusable because it was too negative. I had written about an ingredient that was not proven to work, and he wanted me to essentially say that it was useful because he wanted to leave it open to sell products based around that ingredient. Though he kept talking about spinning the article in a positive light, I could see in a nutshell that he wanted me to lie about it. It made me feel so dishonest and dirty that I really wanted to stand up during the meeting and walk out.

Instead, I took his comments quietly, but angrily, and then started job hunting for whatever position that would get me out of the situation. I found a job at an office even closer to where I live now, and the position looked extremely ideal from the description. But – pay depended on experience, and the company looked a little picky about the hours its employees worked.

I spent the rest of the evening angrily venting to Chris about how horrible my job was and pulling together a resume for the possible new job.

Saturday (May 17)

The possibility of getting a new job sent me into a frenzy; I was jittery and excited. On one hand, I could walk to work, maybe get paid better, maybe acknowledged for my know-how and brilliant suggestions!

But on the other hand, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high because the job might be worse than the one I have now – it might pay less, offer fewer benefits, the co-workers might be mean or the boss incompetent. I kept switching back and forth between thinking it would be a great opportunity and change of scenery to thinking it would be a disaster and I’d be stupid to leave my current job.


I was so full of nervous energy that I did everything I could to burn that energy away – I did load after load of laundry, I cleaned the kitchen, and I scrubbed our bathrooms until they gleamed.

Eventually I cleaned until I collapsed on the couch, right before my husband got home from work. Since neither of us wanted to cook, we got some sandwiches from Subway, and relaxed for an hour before going to the theaters to see the new Godzilla movie – which was loads of fun!

Sunday (May 18)

Sunday was busy because Chris and I were called to teach the 4 and 5 year old children at our church. We had never taught anyone so young before, and we weren’t as prepared for it as we thought.

The class before ours had given the children chocolate chip cookies, so they were climbing up the walls in a crazed sugar high. We didn’t have anything to display or items for them to interact with, so they had a difficult time focusing on the lesson and answering our questions. We managed to gain some attention via a flashlight from my purse, but let’s just say the lesson was an eye opener for me and my husband. We’re definitely not ready for kids yet!

After church, I made some tasty rolls, which we brought to a friend’s party. We played awesome games, ate fantastic food, and simply enjoyed everyone’s company.

Monday (May 19)

I resigned to the fact that I’m still stuck at my current job until I hear otherwise, so I re-wrote my article and plugged away at my job as usual. It was dissatisfying and not fulfilling, but it pays well, and I have no where else to go.

After work Chris and I went to Savory and Sweet, then grocery shopping, and then spent the rest of the night cuddling and playing Child of Light.

No word from from my potential new job.

Tuesday (May 20)

Yesterday wasn’t all that interesting. No exciting new projects at work. No new potential job offers. Just the same old stuff.

I came home and snuggled with Chris and we finally beat Child of Light – it was fantastic! I’ll have to write a review about it soon. We also made lasagna for the first time and it turned out great. Just another fun night with my sweetie!

Wednesday (May 21)

Nothing to note at work – same old stuff as always. No word from the job I applied for, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

After work was a bit more fun. I came home and took an enormous nap – and it felt amazing. Then when Chris got home, we tidied the kitchen and made our favorite bean dip recipe. Part way into making the dip, we realized the onion we had was really gross and scary, so we threw it away and made a quick trip to Walmart for another onion.


While we were there, we bought ingredients for a strawberry dessert recipe I wanted try, which was good because we needed something to use up all our strawberries in one go. The strawberries were getting old and wrinkly fast, so I spent most of the evening trying to make this massive dessert for just me and Chris.

It was super fun experimenting, and I think the recipe turned out well. The rest of the night we spent cuddling and watching Netflix shows.

Thursday (May 22)

Thursday evening was spent tidying up the house and getting ready for my parents to come stay with us. But, in the end, they spent the night with my grandparents because it was closer to where the wedding reception would be at for my brother. They spent a lot of time getting the luncheon food together, and they didn’t want to drive all the way back up to our house.

This was completely fine with us because it meant more time to cuddle with Chris!

Friday – Jared’s Wedding! (May 23)

Jared’s wedding day was a blast!

I didn’t really follow my exercise program at all this month, so I didn’t lose any weight like I had planned. I’m still feeling kind of flabby, but I still felt super pretty in my dress!

jared wedding

Anyways, Chris and I first went up to Salt Lake where my brother got married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it made me happy to see my brother smiling so much. Seeing him get married was a lot like watching myself get married – so much joy! His bride was gorgeous and I’m sure they’ll be extremely happy together.

After the ceremony, the whole family took pictures on the temple grounds – we went a little bit over time, so Chris had to make a super fast dash to our parking space to make sure we paid for another hour. We didn’t want to get our car booted!

After pictures we headed down to Payson for the luncheon, but traffic was intense! It took us foreeeeever to get down from Salt Lake to Payson. There must have been a wreck or something because it slowed to a crawl. But, eventually we made it to the luncheon where we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious crepes and socialized with the other side of the family.

When the luncheon was over, we went to the reception which was held in the backyard of someone’s house, and everything was decorated super cute – with soda bottle center pieces and lots of flowers. I was worried for a bit that the weather would make everyone have to come inside, but it only sprinkled for a bit and the rest of the evening was warm and sunny.

Chris and I had to leave the reception early because Chris had to do a closing shift at work, so we ended up missing the fun bits of the reception like the cutting of the cake and the slide show that Jared had made. I’m sure those turned out fine though!

Saturday (May 24)

Saturday was spent in a cleaning frenzy again. On Thursday, I had received an email from the HR at the job I had applied for, but she hadn’t bothered to read all of my email and she didn’t answer all of my questions. I was too busy on Friday and Thursday to care about it, but come Saturday I was a bundle of nerves all over again. I replied to the email, but I knew I wouldn’t get a response to it until Tuesday at the earliest. So, I kept running over the email in my head-over and over again.

To work off the energy I cleaned pretty much the whole house while Chris was at work. As soon as he got home, we ate Pizza from Hungry Howie’s (which is to die for!) and then we went out to see the new X-Men Days of Future Past movie in 3D. I’m a Marvel junkie, so I love the X-Men movies – and this one pretty much makes up for all the mistakes made in the previous movies. Definitely one of the best ones so far.

Sunday (May 25)

Chris and I went into our church class feeling a lot more prepared as teachers. We were more familiar with the lesson, and we had gotten a few fun things from the dollar store to distract the kids and give them a reason to pay attention. And, it kind of helped that we only had to teach two boys – and they were both pretty sleepy and easy to manage. I’m not sure how much of the lesson actually sunk in, but it was nice to have a successful time teaching.

After church, Chris and I spent the whole day snuggling, playing video games, and watching Netflix. It was so relaxing to do nothing but spend time with the bestest man in the whole wide multi-dimensional galaxyverse.

Monday (May 26) – Today!

I was lucky enough to get work off today for Memorial Day. I got to sleep in, make muffins for breakfast, and relax for a bit before Chris went to work.

But, once again, I worked myself into a frenzy thinking about the job. I didn’t get any response from the HR department (like I guessed, they probably had the day off too), so I just kept cleaning. Unlike Saturday, I didn’t have as many of my normal things to clean, so I had to get creative and clean things I didn’t normally clean – like mopping the floor of our rarely used bathroom and laundry room.


I love having days off, but I wish I could just fully relax and not have to worry about work. I don’t like my current job, and I don’t know if the job I applied for will be any better. I wish I could just stay at home and blog and write books and just do whatever I like – but I guess that’s life! At least I have Chris to cuddle with – tonight we’re making grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and rolls for dinner so I’m super excited.

Whew! That’s quite the post. I’m almost tempted to break it into two posts, but I figured anyone who’s interested would actually read the whole thing at once, and everyone else will just click elsewhere so I didn’t bother.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll stay on top of blogging from now on!

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