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This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to blog for ages now, but I’ve had so many fun and crazy things taking up my Saturdays that I can’t even believe it’s the middle of October already. I can’t remember everything that’s happened since my last blog post way back in August, but here’s a quick overview of the last few weeks.


Aug. 16

Chris and I celebrated the birthday of our good friend Joe. We went to Red Robins for dinner (it was the first time I’ve ever been there). We ate so much yummy food that I didn’t want to eat another burger for weeks and weeks after that. I can’t even think about Red Robins without feeling full and thinking of enormous burgers.

Aug. 23

We visited Chris’ parents in St. George. As with any other awesome trip to visit family, it was filled with lots of food, fun, and games.

Aug. 30

For the life of me I can’t remember what I did on this Saturday. Maybe I did laundry like I usually do on Saturdays. Or maybe I slept in and played video games most of the day.

Sept. 6


Chris and I went to Comic Con in Salt Lake. We both dressed as Pokemon trainers and had loads of fun looking at all the other cosplayers there. The line to get into the Salt Palace wrapped all the way around the building, but it was worth the wait.

We saw some amazing panels – one was an awesome Q&A with Cary Elwes and the other was done by the WETA workshop. We also ate some delicious churros and burritos, and we wandered around a lot of the cool booths run by artists.

Sept. 13

With all the craziness from the weekend before, I didn’t get much of a chance to clean the house (Saturdays are my cleaning days because I don’t clean much during the week). After two weeks, our tiny apartment gets pretty messy, so I did a lot of catch up cleaning: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets–pretty much whatever I had time and energy for.

Sept. 20

I spent a lot of the day cleaning and doing a lot of my usual Saturday chores, but Saturday night we celebrated another birthday – this time it was our good friend Dan. We ate tasty pizza and amazing oreo cake balls for dessert and played lots of fun games together.

Instead of going back home after the party, we then went on to Chris’ aunt’s house. We watched their kids over the weekend and then went to the Ogden temple dedication the following Sunday. After the dedication, we all ate his aunt’s famous curry – and it was amazing, of course.

Sept. 27

Today would have been my cleaning day, but it was such a lovely rainy day that I spent most of it cuddling Chris and watching TV and playing Pokemon. I’ve been on a Pokemon craze again lately ever since I found out that the new Pokemon games are coming out in November.

Oct. 4

Chris and I went back to St. George to visit with family again. We crammed a lot into this little trip. On Friday (the 3rd) we visited some of Chris’ friends and became particularly attached to one of their dogs, Frankie, a little Papillon which was super duper adorable. We became so attached that we wanted to take him home with us – we may end up borrowing him in the future to see if we can take care of a dog of our own.


On Saturday, we watched a session of General conference, then went to Erica’s baby shower. (She just barely had her baby on the 14th! yay!). We watched another session of conference, and then had an amazing dinner and celebrated Anne’s birthday, too.

Oct. 11

Mmmm Chris and I slept in until nearly 11 and then spent another several hours watching Rescuers and Rescuers Down Under. When I finally bothered to get dressed for the day, I did a little bit of tidying here and there, but not much. We ended up hanging out with Dan and his wife and having lots of fun playing games.

Oct. 18

Today I finally had time to catch up on my laundry and my blogging. Chris and I splurged on Halloween candy and I just know I’m going to eat it all in the next few days.

And now we’re up to date! Sorry these little notes aren’t very detailed. I had to cover nearly 2 months’ worth of Saturdays in a single post, and my memory gets a little fuzzy in places. Hopefully I’ll do a little better from now on and I’ll be a little more consistent with my posting.

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