Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Is It Good?

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Wednesday night, my husband took me to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 3D.

We’re huge Marvel fans, and we had heard loads of good things about the new movie. I was really excited to see it, even if it meant staying up past my bedtime to watch it.

Right off the bat – I want you all to know, I LOVED IT!

A Brief Overview

I’ll Try to Keep It Spoiler Free . . .

Captain America: The Winter Soldier picks up a few years after the battle at New York (in the Avenger’s Movie). The Captain is adjusting to modern living, though he’s not quite up to socializing with the new faces he sees.

Everything’s hunky-dory until, you guessed it, he gets a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. and everything tumbles into chaos from there. Nick Fury is attacked, and he quickly lets the Cap know S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised, and that Captain America should “trust no one.” (Though I’ll let you watch the movie and figure out just how and why it was compromised).

As with so many other Marvel movies, we then get a lot of action-sequences and scenes where the superhero takes out a lot of baddies at once. If you were hoping for something different, then you’re in the wrong movie theater.

This Captain America sequel takes the typical superhero genre a step further by delving a little deeper into political intrigue, making you wonder who crossed the line between good and bad. And, it makes you question the morality of government surveillance and giving up a little freedom in exchange for protection and safety.

Of course, it doesn’t push the gray area too far, as Captain America views the world as fairly black and white with his good ol’ fashioned American values. There’s always a Nazi to punch, so to speak, and most audiences like it when the good guys win.

How’s the 3D?

The 3D in this movie is tasteful. It doesn’t have any of the in-your-face, make-you-sick kind of 3D that makes you regret your decision. It adds a layer of depth to the movie without going overboard.

While there are a few 3D flying objects that make you jump in your seat, there isn’t a lot to justify the need to pay extra for the 3D in theaters. If you love 3D and love 3D movies, then there’s nothing wrong with watching it in 3D.

On the other hand, if you simply want to enjoy the movie without paying an arm and a leg for tickets, then it’s fine if you pass on the 3D.

My Experience

In the past, I took Captain America for granted. Compared to Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk, Captain America was more of a boy scout than a super hero. He looked good, but he didn’t have as much to contribute to the gang, except for perhaps a moral compass.

This new movie makes him look AWESOME.

Without the rest of the Avengers to steal his thunder, Captain America gets a chance to shine. I could watch him run through walls and jump off buildings all day – there’s something graceful about the way he moves. He’s obviously superhuman and powerful, but it’s not so over the top that you dismiss it as impossible.

But my admiration for his incredible body aside, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a good movie. The dialogue is fun, the villains are realistic (rather than over-the-top/insane baddies that are typical for a Marvel movie), and it makes you appreciate the effect a moral example can have on other people.

And there’s the fighting. . .

In the other Avengers movies, the fighting was choreographed in such a way that it looked cool – but didn’t present as much of a danger to the characters. I feel heroes like Thor and Hulk are so overpowering that nothing can touch them or put them in danger. This is fine and it looks great on the big screen, but I don’t feel emotionally involved for their well being. They’re going to come out on top no matter the situation.

But with this movie, each punch, each bullet, and each explosion carried its own weight. When a person got hit, I cringed at the impact. Knives were used more frequently in grappling fights, and bullets were harder to dodge. There was real muscle going into the attacks, not just dancing disguised as fighting.

Additionally, I felt the characters were in genuine danger of dying – on multiple occasions. Because many of the characters in this movie weren’t part of the main Avengers, any one of them could be considered replaceable, and therefore easily killed. Even the captain himself experienced multiple injuries, which made me wonder if he was going to last for another movie or if someone else would have to take up his shield.

I also feel the movie is more violent than previous Marvel movies – not in terms of blood and gore, but just in pure hand-to-hand combat. Where other Marvel movies relied heavily on explosions to do the dirty work, Captain America: The Winter Soldier got close in with the action and there were plenty of casualties as a result.

Fortunately, the movie is still fairly clean (despite the fighting), so you don’t have to worry about cussing, sex, or other inappropriate behavior. It’s definitely too rough for children (I’m talking to YOU, mysterious parents who brought their baby and 6 year old son to the theaters), but I think older kids (PG-13) should have no problem watching it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and think it fits well alongside the rest of the Marvel movies. I liked it more than the first Captain America movie and even more than some of the other Marvel movies (like Iron Man 2).

Written By JenniBee


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