Filling Up My Pokedex With the Pokemon Bank

I have a secret.

I’m a Pokemon fan.

I’ve been one for years.

When Pokemon first came out, I loved the idea – monsters you could take around with you in a tiny ball wherever you go? FANTASTIC! There’s hundreds of them and more are released with every game? EVEN BETTER! The games are timeless albeit a little repetitive? SIGN ME UP!

“I want to be the very best,
Like no one ever was. . .
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.”

My Humble Beginnings

However, when I was younger, my family didn’t have access to a lot of video games. We had a couple, but we couldn’t afford to outright buy a Gameboy for every child, let alone the Pokemon games that came out consistently every few years.

I had to get my fix elsewhere. I befriended my younger brother’s friend just so I could borrow his games. I’d play the Gameboy my brother was borrowing when he wasn’t home, and I’d play for hours. I’d try to be sneaky with my saves, putting back all the Pokemon items in the right spots so it didn’t look like I had touched it. I didn’t think of the fact the game recorded total time played, and it’d jump up a few hours “mysteriously,” but that’s what I did.

Squirtle was always my favorite starter, but I’d play with any Pokemon I could get – usually a stray Sandslash or Hypno that I’d pick up in my stolen gaming sessions.

“I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Teach Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside”

Now I’m an Adult. . .

I should be doing “adult” things.

Instead, I use my hard-earned paychecks to buy used Pokemon cartridges and the latest Pokemon games whenever I can. My collection has grown to include Pokemon Yellow, FireRed, SoulSilver, White, White 2, and Y. I also acquired Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald but it turns out they were bootlegs that didn’t work.

Anyways, I’m determined to not only have every single Pokemon game (not the side games – only the ones that contribute to the Pokedex), but I want to “catch them all.” Using my motley collection of games, I’ve managed to make quite a dent in my Pokedex, filling in the gaps over the last couple of years to make up for the games I didn’t play in my youth.

dragonaireThe biggest obstacle in my collection was transferring Pokemon from older games to newer ones. I’d trade from one Gameboy to another, using whatever cables and methods I could – but it’d take forever!

Fortunately, Nintendo finally released the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter, so I can move 30 Pokemon at one time (instead of one at a time). It came out about a month ago, but I didn’t know about it until late last night.

Consequently, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight: I’ve been transferring all my Pokemon from White and White 2 to Y. It’s still a tedious process; I’d love to move all of them in one giant swoop, but it’s faster and more convenient than what I was doing in the past.

Soon. . .Soon I will be a Pokemon Master!

Lucky for me, I have a gaming husband who thinks my obsession is cute and not crazy . . .well maybe a little crazy.

“Gotta catch ’em all!”

Written By JenniBee


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