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Updated January 12, 2016  by JenniBee

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Do you love to write? Do you wish you could start a JenniBee conversation and post your own articles?

You can!

I’m open to guest posts and will gladly put your articles on my website, but I do have a few guidelines for you first. . .

Please Write Amazing Content

At JenniBeeMine, I try to keep my content as unique, fun, engaging, and useful as possible. Even if I learn from other websites and writers, I still put my original spin on what I write to keep things fresh.

So before you send me your latest post, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it useful? Will readers benefit from my post?
  • Is it clear? Do I have examples and stories to clarify potentially confusing material?
  • Is it new? Have I posted this content anywhere else or copied it from another website?
  • Is it legal? Does it violate any copyright laws or encourage inappropriate behavior?

If it still fits all this criteria, I’d love to see it!

How to Submit Your Content

Submitting content to my site is fairly simple. All you have to do is send an email to

Also, please include a little bit about yourself and your article:

  • Who are you? What makes you an awesome person? (A short 40-word bio will suffice.)
  • What’s the title of your post?
  • What are the main points of your article? (Bullet points are great!)
  • How would readers benefit from this information?

Then attach your article as a Word document (I also accept LibreOffice files).

A Word of Advice

Keep in mind that I won’t accept every article that comes my way. If you send me an article that I deem inappropriate for my website, I’ll delete it. That’s it. No fuss. No haggling.

However, you can take a few extra steps to better your chances of approval:

Edit your content thoroughly.
I’ll give your post a brief once-over and correct minor typos, but I don’t want to make significant changes to your blog. If the organization, flow, or grammar feels off, I won’t waste my time fixing it.

Don’t use fancy fonts, excessive bolding, or unusual formatting.
Headers and subheaders will help keep your content clear and well-organized, but I’ll make sure your post looks great on my site.

Don’t spam me with affiliate links.
I’ll include a link back to your own site as part of your author bio.

Do link to appropriate resources.
If you relied on an official website or quoted someone else, I’d love to link back to the original source.

And please, remember to be patient.
I do have a lot on my plate, so to speak, so I may take a few days before I even look at your guest post. However, if I do decide to post your article on my site, I will send you a confirmation email, and I’ll let you know about any changes I made to the article before I post it.

Do You Want Me to Write for Your Site?

I understand that guest posts from other authors attract new traffic and bring in a lot of new information that your readers can enjoy. If you want me to write for your site, send me an email and let me know what you’d like me to do.