How I Got Lost in Minecraft

For those of you who saw my more recent post on being lost in Minecraft, I’m happy to say, I found my way home again. My blocky character dressed as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is safe and sound in her mountain-top abode.

But, the journey wasn’t an easy one.

It took hours of game time before I stumbled across my home once more. I had almost given up hope and would have spent even more time building yet another architectural wonder if it hadn’t been for sheer dumb luck.

How I Got Lost

For those of you following my Minecraft adventures, you’re probably wondering how I could possibly lose track of a giant fort or a set of stairs leading to the middle of the earth. For clarification, I did not lose either of them. These buildings are on the family’s multi-player server. Even if I had somehow gotten lost in that world, I could have messaged one of the family and asked for directions.

No, this misadventure was in single player mode.

Occasionally, when the server is down or when I feel like being un-sociable, I skip the online adventure and play in single player mode. It’s just me, a pick, and the entire Minecraft world to explore.

In this world, I’ve been carefully constructing a house, rather than an intimidating castle. I patterned it a bit after Falling Water, because I wanted something that felt natural sitting atop a mountain.

Here’s what it looks like so far.

outside house

I have a chicken coop, which somehow the chickens still manage to get out of . . .

chicken coop

And here’s my mini garden I started, though I want to make something bigger eventually.

mini garden

I thought I’d spruce things up, snap a few screen shots, and then blog about my progress when I was finished. I moved the bed to the upstairs, which I had just built and decorated.

rose room

I wanted to capture it from all sorts of angles so you could see it in all its awesomeness.

house from diving board

Then, I thought to myself, “the waterfall isn’t big enough.” I grabbed a bucket, poured a new stream of water in just the right spot. I was ready to go when I fell. There’s a lake at the bottom of this waterfall, so usually falling wasn’t a big deal. But, since I was at a weird angle, I didn’t land in the lake – I landed on the one rock that wasn’t covered in water.

house waterfall


Typically, this isn’t a problem either.

Usually when I die, I respawn in the place I last slept. But, since my bed had been moved before I had the chance to sleep in it, I respawned in the original spawning point of the game.

In most of my Minecraft games, my first home is close to the original spawning point, but since I didn’t care (originally) how my single player game turned out, I had meandered aimlessly for several days before finding the perfect place to live. I wasn’t planning on the house turning out so well, so I didn’t bother writing down its coordinates.

In a nutshell, I had no idea where I was and no idea where my house was. I had no knowledge of the surrounding location, or even which direction I had wandered back when I started the game. Because I had died, I had spawned without any items – so no compass, no map, no nothing.

In most games, this wouldn’t be a problem, as they’re fairly linear and you can find a map online. But, with Minecraft, the world is randomly generated. I could spawn and travel in a straight line for hours and hours and the world would never end. If I headed in the wrong direction, I would never be able to find my house.

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