I’m Turning Over a New Leaf

At the end of October last year, I decided I needed a break. I had been floundering with inconsistent posts and catch-up entries that were boring to read and didn’t reflect what I wanted in my site. Sure, they were nice updates for my family and friends, but that was about it.

I felt a bit like the trees outside. I had shed all my ideas and only had a few bare branches of thought left to hold me over until winter.

I Felt a Little Lost . . .

I wanted my site to mean something, and I couldn’t remember what I wanted it to mean. Was it a recipe blog for college students and young moms who didn’t know how to cook? Was it a book review blog for avid readers craving another world? Was it an instructional blog for DIY-ers?

lost confused jennibee with question marks above headEven now, as I think about relaunching my site with a shiny new theme over a year later, I’m not entirely sure what my focus should be. I only know that I want to start again, and again, and possibly again, until find what makes my blog truly mine, or MINE so to speak. Not a carbon copy of someone else’s Pinterest board.

I want my blog to be a reflection of me, which means I’ll need to put a lot more thought into my posts and take more time to discover what makes my voice different from any other writer on the Internet.

And it also means I’ll take a closer look at my life and find other ways I can start fresh, too.

My Goals for Now

As part of my efforts to turn over a new leaf (so to speak), I’m thinking about trying the following:

Write More Consistently

monitor with keyboard and mouseI work from home, and lately my schedule fluctuates based on the tasks I receive and when I receive them. When my tasks come in at odd times, my blogging takes a back seat until I can catch up with all the other articles I have to write.

I’d love to write more consistently, so I want to make a goal to write one solid post every two weeks (one week if I can manage it, but two to stay flexible).

Wake Up at a Reasonable Hour

Once again, working from home has its perks. I love nothing more than sleeping in and staying warm in my comfy blankets. And I never enjoyed driving to an office every morning.

alarm clockBut when I sleep in too late, I feel groggy, and I often avoid working until the late afternoon. On the days I do manage to wake up early, I somehow finish everything I wanted to do in about half the time.

At the moment, I’m aiming for about 9:30 every morning, but ideally I’d like to wake up at 8:00 or even earlier.

Tidy Rather Than Clean

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love a clean workspace. Whenever I find clutter on my desks or tables or see dishes in the sink, I can’t focus until it’s neat again.

spray bottle next to paper towelsOn the other hand, I tend to have a lot of days where I don’t feel like doing anything at all. And on those days, the dishes pile up and the laundry seems to grow at an alarming rate. When I finally get back to my usual chores, I end up spending hours and hours thoroughly cleaning every inch of my house.

I think to stay focused, I should make an effort to tidy something every day, so the house stays neat without too much work on my part. Then, I’ll have a lot more time to focus on the things I want to do.

What Are Your Goals?

I know not many people read my blog right now, so I don’t expect too many answers to this post. But I do like the occasional social interaction—it lets me know that I’m on the right track and that somebody in the vast world wide web cares what I have to say.

Since every month, every week, every day, and every hour is an opportunity to start fresh, do you have any goals in mind? If so, please feel free to list them below!