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Updated January 6, 2016  by JenniBee

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Welcome to the JenniBee Book Club!

I’m so happy that you are interested in joining me as I read highly recommended books and novels.

How Often Do I Review Books?

For consistency’s sake, I will review book club books on the first Friday of every month, and I’ll announce the next book club book at the end of the post.

If you happened to miss a previous book club day, I’ll keep you updated on the current book club book in the sidebar to the right. And I’ll list the date of the next review, so you can catch up and join in the conversation on the next book club day.

What Types of Books Will I Cover?

I pick books based on recommendations from readers like you. I have a fairly eclectic taste, so I’ll read just about anything so long as it’s clean.

To keep my site a safe place for readers, I will not recommend violent or highly graphic novels nor will I promote books with overtly sexual themes. I want the books I read to be suitable for audiences of all ages, including young adults, pre-teens, and children.

How Will I Moderate the Discussion?

I love a good conversation on character development and plot pacing as much as the next person. If you have something to contribute in the comments, feel free to write what you think about the book.

Stick figure jennibee in referee outfitBut keep in mind that I do not tolerate attacks on religion, gender, personality, etc. I will delete any profane comments as soon as I see them.

If the conversation spirals out of control, I will close the comments for that particular post so no one else can comment. When things cool down again, I may open the comments up again for discussion in case new readers want to join in.

How Do I Choose Each Book?

I choose books based on recommendations from others, so your comments matter. If you would like to recommend a book for next month’s discussion, feel free to fill out the form below.

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