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I’ve been incredibly busy the week and a half. Why? Because I GOT A NEW JOB!!!

I interviewed on June 2, got a job offer the next day, and I started my new job on June 9. It’s brought a flurry of exciting new changes, and most of them are for the better.

What’s My New Job Like?

My new job is a lot like my old job. I’m still writing blogs to improve SEO for other sites, and I’m still writing additional content for whatever needs to be done. However, there are quite a few improvements that came from the switch.

1. I’m Healthier
My old job required me to sit for pretty much 8 hours straight, staring at a computer screen and typing like an insane robot. Since my lunch break was short, I often spent it sitting at my desk and eating whatever sad lunch I happened to bring with me for that day.


My new job is within walking distance of my house. I walk 10 minutes to work, walk 10 minutes home for lunch, eat a healthy lunch of fruits and vegetables and whatever tickles my fancy, walk 10 minutes back to work, and walk 10 minutes home again. That’s an additional 40 minutes of walking that I get to do every day that I couldn’t do at my old job, and I can pick healthier foods to eat for lunch that I can prepare at home.

I’ve already lost a pound or so just from the regular exercise and I feel more energetic.

2. It’s Less Stressful
My new job is a much healthier work environment. We get regular breaks to stretch our legs and participate in team-building activities. My coworkers are incredibly friendly, understanding, and sympathetic – so I don’t feel depressed about coming to work every day.

And better still, a lot of our clients are Canadian, and they have different advertising policies than in the US. Essentially, our content has to be honest and truthful – I’m not sacrificing my integrity every time I have to write something. If I don’t feel comfortable writing something, I don’t have to write it.

happy at work

I’m still a newbie at my work, so I don’t have as many responsibilities yet as other writers, but already I can tell that even veteran writers at my new job are less stressed overall than the ones at my old job. Writers here push themselves to constantly improve, but not so much that they feel overwhelmed. Projects are done as a team, so when one writer has a bad day, another writer can help pick up the slack.

At my old job, there were a lot of top priority assignments that had to be done RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE or someone would come and start a shouting match with someone else down the hall. If our team was short a few writers, it didn’t matter – it had to be done anyway, using whatever means necessary to get the job done.

Of course, the last few weeks at my old job weren’t absolutely horrible. I had plenty of times where I could delete spam messages that didn’t take a lot of brain power and I could occasionally check Facebook and Buzzfeed whenever I got bored. This helped balance out the stressful moments, so I figured if I didn’t get my new job, I could probably keep treading water indefinitely, so to speak.

3. I’m Better Paid
I realize that wages can be a touchy subject for some people, especially in this economy where finding a job is difficult and some are just barely making ends meet. So, I won’t be too specific about how much I’m earning (unless you email me and really want to know – I don’t mind. I don’t want to brag or make anyone feel bad, but I’m just happy with where I’m at in my life right now).


When I interviewed for the job, I had originally applied for a different position. I was worried about the possibility of taking a cut in pay or in hours, and I knew that I’d have to turn the job down if it meant being paid less. I’m trying to get Chris through school without going into too much debt, so I was willing to stick with my old job if it meant staying afloat financially.

However, my new job not only offered me a pay increase, but they did it by giving me a different salaried position with benefits. I used to work for an hourly wage, so a salary seems like a dream come true.

Is There a Downside?

Yes and no.

The pros of this new job far outweigh any cons that come with the job. And a lot of these tiny downsides also have a good side to them, so I don’t mind them at all.

One tiny downside is crossing the street at a busy intersection on my way to work. There’s a traffic light, and most drivers behave themselves, but occasionally I see impatient drivers trying to turn right when I’m trying to cross at the appropriate time. I’m a pedestrian not a stray dog, so I’d appreciate a little more respect. Of course, this isn’t too bad – I haven’t gotten hit by a car yet! And, I’m saving gas money by walking to work.

no texting

Another teeny tiny downside is that my job has a strict no texting, no Facebook rule. I can do these things on break time, so I’m ok going without it for a few hours. I’m just not used to being able to text “I love you” to Chris every time it pops into my head (which is every few minutes or so). I’m breaking myself of the addiction, and it gives me better work ethic, so I guess this downside is better for me in the long run.

This leads into my last downside – I can’t do any personal blogging at work. Technically, I shouldn’t have been blogging at my old job either. But, every once in a while, things would get slow at my old job and I’d write a few entries while deleting spam at the same time. This made it easy for me to go home and post my blog whenever I wanted. At work, I’m too busy blogging for other people, so now I’m going to have to find a good time to blog after work. This means I’ll be blogging a lot less, but I guess this also makes it easier for everyone to stay caught up on all my latest posts.

I’ll still try to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in my life – so please keep checking back!

Also, I thought you should know . . .

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Thanks for all your support!

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