My Journey as a Minecraft Nomad

After racking my brain for any clue as to find my way home, I vaguely remembered that my house was by a river close to where I first spawned. That (kind of) narrowed the directional choices to a fifty-fifty chance of finding my house.

Unfortunately, I have a horrible sense of direction.

I went upriver, when my house was downstream. I essentially became a nomad as I wandered from place to place, looking for my house that was in the opposite direction.

my path

I wandered through some very lovely plains, and I had to kill a few sheep to make another bed. All you need to survive is a bed and some dirt and you’re good to go. Or, even dirt on its own if you’re willing to stand through the entire night phase.

I found some mountains that looked similar to my mountain – but no house.

awesome mountain

After meandering that way, I decided to travel back to my original spawn point using the coordinates button (F3). On my way back, I found a cute little village.


I also spotted some wild horses.


And, this valley was lovely. I picked loads of wild flowers.

flower hill

This arch was pretty cool, but still no house though. So, I picked another direction and hoped for the best.


After building a tower for the night, I finally got high enough to see my house! Huzzah!

house from a distance

Written By JenniBee


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