How I Met My Husband

Throughout our marriage, Chris and I have been declared as “adorable” and “cute” and “so lovey dovey we’re gross.”

It takes us 5 minutes to hang up the phone because we say “I love you” over and over again and never want to hang up. We kiss each other about 10 times every time we leave the house. We hold hands wherever we go. We text each other constantly.

While we’re not perfect, I definitely have to say that our marriage is one of the best things to ever happen to me. But how exactly did this blissfully wonderful marriage come to be?

Here’s our story . . .

It Started With a Wink

I didn’t date much in high school. I went on one blind date which my best friend surprised me with, and I sulked in the corner like a whiny two-year-old. It wasn’t dignified, I know. I thought guys were weird then and didn’t want anything to do with them.

I didn’t even date at all in college, though I tried awkwardly to flirt with a few guys. Most guys I thought were cute weren’t interested in me, and the few that were interested in me were not my type.

After graduation, I moved with my parents to a small town in Utah with a population smaller than my high school graduating class. There were no single guys my age within 20 miles (or more), and I was literally left to myself for months.

Hungry for any form of socialization, I thought I’d hop online and see what I could find. I wasn’t particularly looking for a romantic interest. Mostly, I wanted someone I could talk to who didn’t mind long distance.

First I tried, which seemed promising at first, but it required a monthly subscription in order to access all the features. I browsed a few pictures but didn’t see anyone that interested me, so I didn’t pay the fee and I tried other online sites.

I don’t remember all the sites I tried, it was only one or two others – but the few guys I messaged were desperate, and weird, and wanted to meet me without getting to know me first. I didn’t trust them and didn’t want to get to know the ones who emailed me with “hey, ur hott. wanna hav a good time?”


Eventually, I came across I messaged a few guys on the site, and NOT ONE of them replied. Maybe I scared them away with my profile picture or my full-length, grammatically correct sentences. When I found Chris’ profile, I was about to give up on men entirely and be a recluse. I thought he was cute, and his list of interests matched mine pretty well, so I sent him a “wink” – OKCupid’s way of messaging people. Since my lengthier emails weren’t successful with other guys, I thought I’d keep it simple.

“I like your smile.:)”

Our First Phone Call

After that initial wink, Chris and I hit it off really well. Each message we sent back and forth was progressively longer. We’d write pages to each other, and when we started chatting via Google chat, we’d chat for hours at a time. Each email I got from Chris was like opening a Christmas present – only it happened every day, sometimes every few hours.

We talked about everything: batman vs. wolverine, zombie sharks, ninja turtles, muppets, ink blots – you name it. It didn’t matter what we talked about, so long as we could keep on talking with each other.

Later, when I collected all our emails and chats to make a wedding present for him, I realized we wrote over 100 pages (of tiny print) in emails and chats in the month of January alone.

Not long after writing so many emails, we thought it’d be a good idea to call each other, just to associate a voice with the words we saw in print. I had a crappy Tracphone that I paid per minute and only used for emergencies, but talking with Chris would be worth every cent. I gave him my number and he gave me his.

Crappy phone aside, I was a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to hearing Chris aloud – if his voice were super deep then he might be intimidating, or if his voice were too high then I might not take him as seriously. I didn’t want to ruin the image I had already formed of him.

I shouldn’t have worried – his voice is perfect.

first call

When he called, I wasn’t expecting him. I thought he was a salesman or someone – no body ever calls my phone unless they’re trying to sell something. When I realized who it was, I shouted “Chris!” a lot louder than I had intended. Fortunately, he saw that as a good thing rather than a weird thing, and he kept on talking.

We only had a few minutes to chat because Chris was almost out of minutes on his phone, so we kept it short and sweet.

Our First Date

The first phone call was enough to get me really excited about Chris. We had so much in common that I couldn’t help but like him. I didn’t care if we’d become a “thing” or not, I was simply happy to finally have a friend I could talk to about anything and not feel stupid. No matter how much I tried to deny it, he made me inexplicably happy.

Since I was a little shy about my relationships and didn’t want my parents to know I had met someone online, I decided to keep him a secret for a while.

But it didn’t last long.

My parents noticed how happy I had been the last few days. When Chris and I finally decided to meet, they were more than willing to drive me the 80 miles to go visit him for the first time (I didn’t have a car). It was in the middle of winter, so we were worried that the snow might make it difficult to drive there. My mom was confident about the whole thing though; she said “if it snows, we’ll take the truck because it has four wheel drive. We’re getting you there no matter what.”

The night of my date, I visited with my sister who lived in Provo. Chris picked me up from her apartment, he met my mother and my sister and gave them his phone number and where we would be in case of emergency. Since Internet dating can be risky, it was a nice gesture to let them know my safety came first.

playing pool

First, we went to a local poolhouse, where Chris showed me how to play pool. Neither one of us are very good, and I don’t think we’ve played pool since our first date – but it was fun anyway.

Then, we went back to his apartment where he made me a tasty chicken dinner and we played TMNT: Turtles in Time together (oh yes, we’re that nerdy). After dinner, we saw The Green Hornet. It was my first 3D movie ever, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. (Looking back later, we realized that the movie really wasn’t that great – it was the fact that we were dating that made it so exciting.)

After the movie, Chris drove me back to my grandma’s house where I’d be staying for the weekend. He gave me a sweet hug, and then (surprisingly) kissed me on the cheek (I had never been kissed before). I was so shocked that I ducked inside and closed the door. I left him on the porch, and because I was so shy, he probably thought the date had gone wrong.

We’re Still Dating

Fortunately, Chris understood I was shy, so he didn’t stop messaging me after the first date. We ended up going out once a week (whenever my parents needed to go shopping), and the weeks when we missed a date were agonizingly long.

Eventually, I moved so I could be closer to him – I found a job, I bought a car, and I leased an apartment all in the same day. It was a huge change, but living down the street from Chris made the move a lot easier.

marry me

Not long after I moved closer, he proposed, we got married, and we’ve been happily in love ever since. He really is the kindest, sweetest, most giving and understanding man I’ve ever met, so I feel incredibly spoiled to have him. I look forward to countless years of happiness with my husband – I LOVE YOU, CHRIS!

Written By JenniBee


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