Look! I’m Crafty – Minecrafty

I have to admit: I admire mommy bloggers. They are amazing, crafty women who can whip up a dress out of an old set of curtains or who turn broken bits of bottle into a stained glass window. They re-purpose items and review products like pros.

I think it’d be awesome to learn how to do all that stuff, but at the moment, I’m not a crafty person. I don’t sew, though I know how to cross stitch. I don’t paint. I don’t invent new recipes that look like they came straight from Pinterest.

I do, however, play Minecraft. In a sense, you could say I’m “minecrafty.”

minecraft fort at sunset

This is what I built.

Like a little kid building out of couch cushions and blankets, I constructed an entire fort, block by tedious block. I even made the island that it sits on through the same method. So, here is my moment to display my hours of dedication in all its shining glory.

master bedroom in minecraft

This is the lovely master bedroom, complete with chests filled with cake.

inside jennibee's minecraft fort

And, here’s a peek at the inside of the fort. It’s three levels, by the way, and it includes a smithy and a library.

minecraft tv

Of course, it wouldn’t be my house if there weren’t a giant TV inside.

minecraft fishing hole

I even made a fishing hole on top of my roof. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually the safest place in the entire fort. It’s surrounded by water, so it stays free from Endermen, and it’s littered with torches and fences to keep other scary monsters from spawning.

Survival mode is tough – but it’s fun to brag about making awesome things in this mode rather than in creative mode.

Perhaps one day I’ll run my actual house with as much creativity and invention as my minecraft buildings.


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