Musical May

I think I have delusions of grandeur.

About 95% of the time, I’m daydreaming about writing a book, losing 20 pounds, making crafts for Etsy, having perfectly done hair and makeup, having perfectly white and straight teeth, earning money on my blog, running a 5K, and doing thousands other things that would supposedly make my life more full and complete.

The other 5% of the time, I realize that it’s too much work and that I’d be better off reading a book or taking a nap.

I do believe that 5% wins most of the time.

However, every once in a while, I get it into my head that I can do something. It doesn’t matter what that something is, only that I can do it, and do it amazingly well if only I plan everything out and follow that plan to the letter.

For example, my monthly workout ideas, like Aerobic April and Muscle Up May, have me follow a workout plan to be more healthy. I haven’t lost much weight so far, yet I’m still doggedly following the plan.

Or, my various attempts at cooking. I think I can make up a recipe on my own, because after all I’m an amazing cook somehow without any practice. Of course, it then turns out disastrously wrong when I actually do it, but it was all according to plan!

Now, I’m starting to get that itch again – to try something new and plan everything out.

I’m Going to Play Guitar . . .

Actually, this is an old itch that I scratched for a little bit but am now scratching again since I think for some reason my life needs a little sprinkling of more awesomeness.

Last year, I thought I’d learn to play the guitar.

Because I played the violin in high school and figured a guitar would be just as easy to pick up and learn, I envisioned myself picking out various tunes like a pro with absolutely no lessons at all.

I did a little research, of course. I read all the latest reviews about which is the best guitar for beginners, which one sounds the best over time, and which ones are easiest to tune, etc. I found chord charts online and found places for free guitar sheet music. I eventually settled on what I thought was the best, and I purchased a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar similar to this one from Bert Murdock.

I loved the sound of plucking away at the strings, and I halfheartedly learned to read a few basic guitar tabs. But, when I didn’t see any immediate progress, I quickly gave up and moved onto other grander things.

guitar dust

When my sister crashed at my house in between apartments recently, she had brought her guitar, which had been just as neglected and lonely as mine. It reminded me that I actually owned a guitar, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Now, a new month is here, and with it, new possibilities and new chances to plan things like the obsessed OCD person that I am.

So, I made myself yet another plan to go alongside my new workout plan. This one, however, is to teach myself guitar – one chord at a time. I based it entirely on Justin Sandercoe’s beginner’s course available at

However, the biggest difference between my musical plan for the month and his plan is the songs that he has beginners play. Since I’m likely to abandon my guitar in the same way I abandoned it once before (in the same way I abandoned my violin), it’s probably best I don’t spend any more money teaching myself to play. So, on the days when it says to practice the songs for that stage, I’m going to do a quick online search for free guitar music that incorporates a similar things that I’m learning rather than investing in his beginning course books.

I’m excited to start playing and practicing again – but I guess we’ll have to see what actually happens by the end of the month.

Written By JenniBee


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