Seeing Redd Reviewed

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I finished re-reading Seeing Redd: The Looking Glass Wars, Book Two By Frank Beddor for the second time – and yes, it was as good the second time around.

I first read this series when I was working as a library clerk in college. I randomly picked the first one off the shelves because I vaguely remembered liking Alice in Wonderland.

While I was expecting a new twist to an old favorite, I was completely blown away by the fun characters.

Classic little girl Alice was transformed into Alyss Heart, queen of white imagination. The white rabbit was Bibwit Harte, a member of the tutor species who trained generations of queens in imagination.

And of course, my all-time favorite character the Mad Hatter was legendary Hatter Madigan, a milliner and bodyguard to the queen.

The Adventure

The plot is as fascinating as the characters – Redd Heart, Alyss’ aunt, is attacking the queendom. She is assembling an army of those who follow the ways of black imagination. It was a fun sequel to The Looking Glass Wars, which established the world and its characters in an incredible fast-paced adventure.

While there’s a lot of fighting in the book, it’s not graphic or gruesome. In fact, it’s a clean, upbeat book perfect for young adult readers. The story is easy to pick up and casually read whenever you feel like it because the chapters are delightfully short – but, don’t dismiss it for its short chapters. The story moves at an intense pace so once you pick it up, you don’t want to put it down.

It’s packed to the brim with awesome.

Why Read It Again?

This time around, I read it because my husband bought me the entire series for Christmas. I read the first one over the break in record time, but this second book took me a little bit longer because I got distracted with lots of other books.

However, this also gave me a chance to dwell a little longer on my favorite bits of the book that I didn’t get the chance to do the first time around. Consequently, I found I had more time to enjoy how Frank Beddor put in enough detail to give the idea of certain fantastical creatures but didn’t feel the need to describe everything – leaving it up to the reader to fill in the gaps with his or her imagination.

While some books lose their charm after the first read, I feel Seeing Redd and the rest of the books in the series are well worth reading again and again – so it’s a good to keep them on hand in a personal library or collection.

The rest of the books are fantastic, too – I’ll probably be blogging about them soon.
I’ll keep you posted!

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