Shopaholic Ties the Knot Reviewed

shopaholic ties the knot

You thought I was done with Sophie Kinsella, didn’t you?

After all, I have read 4 other books by her in the last few weeks. You’d think I’d be sick of her work.


I’m going to keep reading her Shopaholic books until there aren’t any more left, and guess what! There are at least 3 more books after this one I just finished, so you can bet your honeybuns that I’m going to read them.

I finished reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot in the last few days, and I enjoyed it just as much as the other ones in the series.

A Look at the Plot

Becky and Luke are finally getting hitched!

After seeing her best friend Suze getting married, Becky starts to realize how magical it would be to be married – and surprise surprise! Luke proposes when Becky catches Suze’s wedding bouquet.

Now, Becky gets to decide between a fully-paid dream wedding in New York (planned by Luke’s mother) or an at-home wedding in her parents’ back yard (planned by her mother). Both weddings sound incredible, but Becky doesn’t know which to choose!

On one hand, the New York Wedding is fully paid for and planned by the best wedding planners, chefs, and caterers in New York. She could wear whatever dress she wants, eat whatever food she wants, and even have a full string quartet play as she glides down the isle. But, Elinor Sherman is cold and stiff and Becky doesn’t know anyone in New York. The wedding would be glamorous but it’d be empty without her family.

On the other hand, the England wedding is paid and planned for by her mother – who isn’t nearly as wealthy. Becky would be wearing her mother’s “sausage roll” dress which doesn’t fit, her makeup would be done by her next door neighbor Janice, and the decorations would consist of balloons, streamers, and flowers grown in the garden. But, her family would be there and it’d be at home- just like she always wanted.

Making up her mind may be more difficult than she thinks . . .

Finally! More Luke!

In the other Shopaholic books, the story focuses primarily on Rebecca Bloomwood. It’s told from her perspective, so we don’t usually get a peek into the other characters as much. This book lets us look a little closer at Becky’s future husband, Luke – which finally satisfied my curiosity regarding his personality.

In the book, we finally see more than the prince charming surface Luke often displays. We see his vulnerability, his desire to please his mother, and his reasons for working as hard as he does.

When he feels as though his mother never loved him, then he completely breaks down. He stops wearing suits and starts wearing sweats. He stops shaving and combing his hair. He wanders Manhattan aimlessly and gives his shoes to homeless people.

We also see more of his love toward Rebecca. While he doesn’t care about the minutia of wedding planning, he ultimately does care whether Rebecca is happy – which makes their wedding all the more adorable.

While there’s still a lot about Luke that’s left a mystery, I love how Shopaholic Ties the Knot develops his character more than in past books.

My Experience With the Book

My biggest gripe about the book is that Becky reverted to her first book state of dealing with problems: she wrung her hands and dithered and waited for fate to step in to make things right again.

In the second book, she had grown to solving her own problems, which was a great step forward in her character development. By book three, all that progress seemed to go down the drain – she still spent a ridiculous amount of money, she was still spoiled, and she still procrastinated when it came to dealing with problems.

Additionally, I can’t help but wonder at how much money Rebecca and Luke and Elinor Sherman (Luke’s mother) earn on a regular basis. They spent oodles and oodles of money on things that aren’t necessary, and somehow Becky keeps out of debt (though book 2 shows she’s not always successful at it). Her character isn’t the best example to follow when it comes to staying in a budget and appreciating the little things.

I know her wedding was completely paid for by Elinor, but still, it blows my mind when it comes to how much money they spend. Somewhere in the book it briefly mentions that her cake alone cost $3000, which is more than I spent on my dress, my cake, and my wedding reception. I can only imagine what it’d be like to have a wedding at the Plaza with trees flown in from Europe and pink doves and a string quartet and caterers and a designer wedding dress. . .If Becky had pulled out of the wedding, it would have cost her $100,000 to cover the settlement, which is almost enough to pay off a decent-sized home.

Despite that, Rebecca Bloomwood is still a lovable character. The way she supports Luke and puts his needs before her own is endearing. Her imagination is still at full throttle, so it’s fun to see glimpses of the world through her eyes. She desperately wants to please those she loves, and her heart is in the right place when it comes to helping those around her.

If you liked the other Shopaholic books, then Shopaholic Ties the Knot fits in well with the series. It’s not as morally satisfying as the first two books, but it’s still good clean fun. It’s easy to pick up and read casually, so I have no problem recommending it to others.

Written By JenniBee


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