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I know I haven’t been writing much on JenniBeeMine lately, but that’s because I’ve been working on a new blog:! For the past few months, I’ve been working on pulling the site together and creating fun new content. Although it still has a long ways to go before it feels like a fully fledged site, I am excited to share it with others.

What Is My Blog About?

If you can’t tell from the title, BreadByTheHour is a recipe site focused solely on making bread. I’ve tried to make the posts as easy to sort through as possible, so I’ve categorized them by time, by flour, by difficulty, by cooking method, and by technique. When you feel like making bread, you can simply search for a recipe that best fits your situation.

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For example, if you want to pull bread together for dinner, but you don’t have a lot of time, you can find recipes that take an hour to make from start to finish. Or if you ran out of all-purpose flour and want to use wheat or bread flour instead, you can search for recipes that include those flours. If you want to challenge your bread making skills, you can try my more difficult recipes, or if you’d rather take a more relaxed approach, you can try my easier recipes.

While I don’t have a recipe in every category yet, I do hope to have a bread recipe for almost any situation and scenario.

What Will Happen to JenniBeeMine?

Oh don’t worry about JenniBeeMine! I’ve put a lot of effort into making this blog. I know it’s changed a lot over the years, and I know it’s gotten a bit messy and frayed around the edges, but I still love my site.

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I hope to eventually be able to juggle posts for both sites. However, my daughter is still quite young, and I spend most of my time taking care of her and keeping our house from exploding into chaos. Until I have more time, I’ll focus most of my efforts on my BreadByTheHour blog, and only occasionally post at JenniBeeMine if I have something important I want to say here.

When Will I Post Again?

I honestly have no idea. I can’t even predict my day-to-day schedule, let alone guess when I’ll have time to post more. However, I am trying my best to keep on top of things, so hopefully I won’t go too long in between posts. Don’t forget that I do have a mini blog at, where you can follow my smaller adventures and see what’s going on in my life.