Twenty Questions Couldn’t Figure Me Out

Rather than flood you with two new book reviews (since I just finished reading Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel in Letters and A Thousand Splendid Suns), I thought I’d try something different.

I played twenty questions with myself, using the website that inspired the handheld game: 20QNet.

The Questions

Q1. Is it an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other?
A: I do believe I am an animal.

Q2. Is it a specific color?
A: While I like to wear the same few colors almost every day, I have brown hair and blue eyes.

Q3. Is it a mammal?
A: I have mammary glands so yes.

Q4. Is it colorful?
A: This question is a lot like question 2. I guess if you’re talking about my personality. . .? or maybe something else? Sometimes?

Q5. Is it white?
A: I think the game got stuck on color. I’m just going to be flat out racist and say yes, yes I am white.

Q6. Does it have eyes?
A: Yes. Two of them. On my face. Where else did you think they’d be?

Q7. Is it a nocturnal animal?
A: On weekends I am . . . so sometimes.

Q8. Can it be placed on your head
A: Can’t anything be placed on your head? I’m going to use logic on this one so yes.

Q9. Does it purr?
A: I used to be really good at purring when I was little, now my purr sounds like I’m dying. I do it sometimes though if I’m trying to sound like a kitty.

Q10. Is it ferocious?
A: I think it depends on the situation. I’d like to think of myself as being intimidating when the situation arises, but nah, I’m pretty chill.

Q11. Does it have fangs?
A: I brush my fangs every day. They’re not very sharp at the moment. . .

Q12. Does it break if dropped?
A: I have never broken a bone when falling, so I’d like to think no. However, I assume if I drop from a skyscraper then yes, I will break.

Q13. Could you send it in the mail?
A: Is there anything you can’t send in the mail? Slap enough postage on me and I’m sure I’ll get somewhere. . .

Q14. Does it usually hunt for food at night?
A: I get midnight cravings all the time. I nibble pretty much anytime though, day or night.

Q15. Is it larger than a pound of butter?
A: I am larger than 100 pounds of butter, though I won’t specify by how much.

Q16. Does it come from space?
A: While I am spacey, I do not come from space. I am earth born. Unless you want to get real deep and contemplate where spirits come from . . .

17. Do you know any songs about it?
A: Yes. My husband sings songs about me all the time and they’re adorable. I also know of a song called “Jenny” by Flight of the Conchords.

Q18. Can you put food into it?
A: Yes. Lots of food. Lots of tasty food and cookies and chocolate and peanut butter.

Q19. It is an Alaskan Malamute?
A: While the enormous fluffy dogs are adorable, I am not one.

Q20. Is it an ikanoshiokara (Japanese spicy squid)?
A: I had no idea this even existed.

Since it couldn’t guess who I was with twenty questions, it went onto overtime with an additional 10 questions.

Q21. Is it bad for your health?
A: I believe I could be . . .

Q22. Can you pet it?
A: Yes. But, I can’t guarantee your safety.

Q23. Can you stretch it?
A: Yes. I love to stretch. Yoga is fun.

Q24. Is it found in salad bars?
A: I like salads if they have more than just lettuce in it.

Q25. Can you find it in a house?
A: When I’m not at work, I’m at my house. I rarely ever leave it.

Q26. Does it burn?
A: I sun burn really easy. I also burn my fingers when I touch something hot.

jenni in an envelopeQ27. Can it fit in an envelope?
A: Depends on the size of the envelope. . .

Q28. Is it found on a desk?
A: I work at a desk, but I don’t usually stand on it.

Q29. Is it a tokoyaki (fried octopus)?
A: No. I don’t believe I am.

Q30. Is it a kitty?
A: Nope! Though I’d love to have one some day.

Sorry twenty questions! Looks like you couldn’t figure me out – though you did ask some good questions.

Do you guys have any questions about me that you’d like to me to answer? Comment below or shoot me an email. Also, check out my About Me page too.

Written By JenniBee


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