My Unsuccessful Attempt at a 5k

In case you forgot, last Wednesday I signed up for a 5k sponsored by an elementary school.

Both my husband and I were excited to give it a go: we got ourselves pumped up, ready to walk this thing like a boss (neither of us are in good enough shape to actually run a 5k).

This morning, we got dressed, we grabbed our water bottles, and we headed out the door.

The weather was gorgeous and sunny, and I was excited to be out and about and joining in the fun. The elementary school was down the street, and there were plenty of families with children around (some moms had strollers). We wouldn’t look stupid if we walked the whole thing.

We picked up our shirts from the registry and got our numbers and everything – I got 5 and my husband got 6.

I’m wearing the shirt right now as proof we went.
Though it’s a bit big on me, it’s rather comfy.

But after that, things went a bit downhill.

An icy wind picked up and I had only brought my light jacket. It was freezing, so we went back to the car to wait until the 5K actually started. It was warm in the car, and I figured I’d warm up once I started moving.

And then this happened . . .

have to poop

With 20 minutes until the 5k, I figured we had time to make it to our house and back in time. I could grab a warmer jacket and even a hat to keep my hair from flying in the wind. It seemed like a good plan at the time, so we drove quickly back home.

But, while my husband was on the toilet, I started thinking . . .

I already have the shirt. The school doesn’t lose anything if I don’t race, and I don’t lose anything because I have my shirt.

I should walk – it’s healthy, and I don’t get a lot of opportunities to do this with my husband . . .

But it’s cold outside . . .And I’m sleepy . . .

But it’s good for me . . .

But I don’t wanna . . .

By the time my husband got out of the bathroom and asked if I wanted to walk, I whimpered out. We were relieved about not going, and we ended up snuggling on the couch instead. We compromised by making the vague promise of doing our own 5k together at the park – just the two of us.

nap on couch

Instead of running, I napped the rest of the morning.

Written By JenniBee


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