Welcome Back Warm Weather!

listening to musicLast night, my husband and I slept with the windows open.

Not only did we not freeze, but we woke up to the lovely sound of chirping birds.

Better still, when I grabbed my lunch and went to work, not only did I not need my coat but I actually saw the sun this morning.

In the last few months, I’ve gotten up before the sun had a chance to rise and didn’t get home from work until after it had set. Or, the weather had been too overcast and stormy and generally unpleasant for me to see the sun at all.

Worse still, after my job scare, I ended up switching offices and having to work in the space of a small closet with no windows. While I’m grateful to still have a job, it’s difficult to get up and stretch let alone go outside.

But now, the sun is here – and hopefully it’s here to stay!

After work, I drove straight to the park and went for a walk. It was amazing – warm enough to not need a jacket but not yet hot enough for me to work up a sweat. I put my headphones in and listened to my music library on shuffle.

I’m not good at going to the gym and exercising, or even watching a workout video and doing it from home. But, I love going for walks when the weather is right. I walk in big circles around the park and picture all sorts of things depending on what happens to pop up on my playlist. I imagine flying through the sky, or dancing on the sand next to a beach, or training dragons in the middle of a field. It’s so fun to keep going and going.

excited for springAnd that’s pretty much all I did today – I walked until the sun set.

Of course, the park still looks dead and cold but soon . . . soon there will be flowers and more sunshine and more time to bask in the warm glow.

I hope to repeat last summer and take my writing outdoors with Kindle Fire HDX and keyboard.

I’m excited to type and enjoy the sunshine at the same time
rather than staying indoors and staring at a computer screen all day.

Written By JenniBee


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