I’m Wearing New Pants

Nothing is quite as satisfying as finding the perfect pair of jeans. They flatter the figure, they keep things tucked and slim, and they are comfortable wear for both casual and more special events.

However, pant shopping is another matter entirely.

After ripping my favorite pair of jeans (I had them for years and years, so it was inevitable), I dreaded shopping for a new pair of pants.

Usually it takes multiple trips and multiple stores and multiple jeans before I find a pair that kind of, sort of, maybe fits me. So, finding a genuinely good pair is a bit like finding a unicorn or tripping over a $100 bill in the street.

Or perhaps, a more apt description would be a bit like Goldilocks trying the three bear’s beds- one’s too big, too small, or just right, but she has to try all three before making a good decision.

The last time I went shopping for jeans, it went something like this. The first pair I tried on was WAY too big.

too big

The next pair I tried on was too small – couldn’t even button it up properly.

too small

And of course, I hate those jeans that come already ragged and ridden with holes just to be cool – which kind of defeats the purpose of replacing the original pair of jeans.

has holes

Some pants I wonder why they even exist. . .they’re weird. So, nope to that.


Surprisingly, my jean shopping trip was successful and fast – I had my husband with me, so perhaps that contributed to my success. I grabbed the first two pair of jeans I saw that were in my size and tried them both on. The first pair I tried was absolutely perfect, and the second pair was still good but not as satisfying.

I even made sure these pants were a good choice by doing my two stretch tests.

In the first test, I bend over and touch my toes. This helps me make sure the pants don’t squeeze me too tight around the middle or drop too far in the back.

stretch test

The second test requires me bunching up in a fetal position to make sure the pants bend as easily as I do. I once bought a pair of pants that looked perfect when I stood up straight but whenever I bent my knees they became super uncomfortable.

second stretch test

My perfect pants surprisingly passed both tests with flying colors – and they cost less than $20 (which is a definite plus).

I bought them over the weekend, and wearing them all day at work today confirmed how truly awesome these pants are. They stayed comfy, they looked great, and they fit perfectly. Wearing relaxed, comfy clothes made up for all the stress my work is putting me through.

As it turns out, my employers might be letting me go. Emphasis on might. They might decide to keep me and have me do occasional projects here and there. If that’s the case, I’d have nothing to worry about.

Or, they might decide to cut me off, as they are heading in a new direction with SEO content. It’s kind of scary to be thinking about impeding unemployment, but at least I’m wearing comfy pants.

Note: For those of you who think stick-figure me is running around the store topless, don’t. This is a stick-figure – if I were naked, the stick parts of me would be fleshy colored and I’d have a little more shape in certain places, if you know what I mean. For decency, all my stick-figure drawings are wearing black, skin-tight body suits underneath whatever clothing I happen to doodle on top of them. So there.

Written By JenniBee