What I’ve Been Up To All Week

On Facebook, I made an announcement that I’d be hanging out with my family over the weekend and wouldn’t be posting for a while – which is entirely true!

My parents had come down from Colorado to help my brothers and sisters switch apartments – finals are over and their apartment leases were up. My parents needed a place to stay while they helped everyone move, and even my sisters needed a place to crash until they could move into their new apartments (for some reason there was a two day gap in between the day they could leave and the day they could move in).

Here’s what I’ve been up to all week, in case you were curious.


The whole week had been rather busy and stressful, so the first thing I did was come home and sleep. It was one of the best naps I’ve ever had – over 3 hours long. Nothing makes me feel better than a long nap on a Friday and knowing that I had the whole weekend to finally relax.

No work. No blogging. No stress. Just lots and lots of time to read and relax.

couch nap

When my family got in, we took it pretty easy. We snacked on too much chocolate, watched too many movies, and then went to bed late.


Typically Saturday is my chore day where I do laundry and clean the house, but NOPE! Saturday was even more relaxing than Friday. I didn’t bother leaving the couch unless it was to eat.


I slept in with Chris, and then when he went to work, my family came home after moving my brother into his new apartment. We ended up watching movies all day; we started with Thor: The Dark World then followed up with Ender’s Game.

To use up the rest of my Amish Starter, I made these biscuits.

I ended up doubling the recipe and making one batch with white flour and one batch with wheat (since I was out of white). They didn’t rise or get very fluffy, but they were tasty and perfect for our lunch on Sunday.

I also had time to finish reading the rest of Open Minds (Book One of the Mindjack Trilogy), and we watched a few shows on Netflix before going to bed.


Sunday we got up early to make it to church from 9 until 12. We ate lunch and then all took some nice long Sunday naps, followed by watching Frozen. The rest of the day turned into a quiet day of doing homework (my husband is finishing up his finals) and reading books. My sisters borrowed books from my library while I read The Wide Awake Princess and Bilbo’s Last Song.

When we took a break long enough to eat, we made gravy for the biscuits and then later on for dinner we made chicken enchiladas with my sister.


At about 10 that night we watched both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – fun, but we didn’t get done until after midnight.


Work on Monday was fairly uneventful. I started listening to the first book in the Pendragon series, I deleted spam comments and answered emails and edited articles like I usually did.

After work was a different matter entirely. I had a little time to cuddle my husband before dinner, then it was off to go dress shopping with my mom and sister. My older brother’s wedding is coming up at the end of May, so we needed to find dresses in the right colors.

As I mentioned in my perfect pair of pants post, I have a hard time shopping for clothes. I like to envision finding things easily that flatter my figure, but when I actually step foot in the store I start to question my decision. It’s hard to find something that fits, that looks good, and that doesn’t cost a fortune.

The first store we went to my sister found a dress but I couldn’t find anything – neither could my mom, even after over an hour of searching.


Then we went to the mall – My sister was lucky again there, too – she must have an amazing eye for fashion because she found the perfect pair of heels to go with her dress, and she was ready for the wedding in practically no time at all.

But for me?

First store, nothing. Second store, nothing. Third store, a promising something but not in the right size.

I eventually found a gorgeous blue dress right before the store closed, but my mom wasn’t very lucky this time around.

When we got home, we were so exhausted from all the shopping that all we did was crash on the couch. I cuddled with Chris the rest of the night.


Tuesday was a lot like Monday – only no sister this time, since she didn’t need anything. My mom and I still needed to find shoes (for me) and a dress (for my mom). After Chris left for work, we prepared for round 2 of wedding shopping.

First, we went to Walmart. We figured that, if possible, we could finish up our shopping in one go. I found some thigh high socks that would look good with my dress and searched the selection of shoes in hopes of finding something cheap but cute. No such luck. Walmart’s dress section was limited, too, so my mom didn’t find anything either.

Next, we went to Payless.

Payless had a great deal going on: buy one get one 50% off. I had actually just bought two pairs of shoes for $25 using that same deal – but they were gym shoes that wouldn’t be appropriate for a wedding. I hoped I’d get lucky and find a similarly great deal. The store had a pretty good selection, but every shoe I thought would have been perfect with my dress were sky high heels. I wear flats most of the time, so walking in heels is difficult – I’d probably sprain an ankle in most of the wedding-appropriate shoes.

Then I found them – the perfect pair of shoes for my dress!

perfect shoes

The heels weren’t too high, so I didn’t feel wobbly when I wore them. They were sparkly, without being overly flashy. Just enough class for a wedding but just enough casualness that I could wear them to church again with another skirt I had.

Unfortunately, they cost nearly $30 – on sale! My dress cost about $40 dollars, so I didn’t feel comfortable spending almost as much on a pair of shoes as I did on a dress. Since I had just bought other shoes, there wasn’t anything else worth buying to help take the edge off. I’d have to pass them up and hope I could find something more in my budget.

My mom found a pair of shoes for $5 (what a steal!), so we paid for them and headed to Target next, since we didn’t really know where else to go that was close enough to get there before the store closed. Target didn’t have any dresses or shoes that were worth even trying, which was a bit disappointing, so we called it a day and came home. Even though we didn’t have too much luck, we still had fun walking around and doing things together – I love being with my mom!

Oh, but before you think I didn’t come away with anything, I decided to check for my adorable shoes online. Turns out, Payless has coupon codes that would take 25% off the price if you ordered online, and shipping is free if you ship to store. It dropped the price from $30 down to $24, which was still a little pricey, but I was so sold on those shoes that I was willing to pay the little extra.

Now I’m ready for the wedding! I’m super duper excited!

All I have to do now is get in shape, so I look even better in my dress. Fortunately, I have a plan in mind for this month, so come back tomorrow to see what I’ll do.

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