Gone for the Weekend!

Jennibee in a car

I’m off to visit family, so I’ll be gone for the weekend. I likely won’t post any new content while I’m away, so you’ll have to wait for my next most interesting post on Monday.

ripped pantsAlso, FYI, my pants have a giant hole. It’s by the back pocket, and it’s several inches long (and pretty wide, too). I’m not sure how long it’s been there, possibly all week.

And no one noticed.

Of course, it’s possible no one could see it because my shirt was long enough to cover it. And, it’s possible no one saw it because my face-to-face human interaction time is limited since I work in an office room by myself. And, no one comes to chat with me while I’m at work.

It makes me wonder what else I could get away with in public.

It seems no one cares or notices what I do. Maybe I should start walking around with an elephant on a leash.

elephant on a leash