My Work Threw a Party

Each week seems to fly by! It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my most recent blog post about Bear Lake. Now I’m writing yet again!

For the past few weeks, my work has been announcing, planning, and prepping a work party. The HR department made everyone sign waivers and had everyone sign up for various activities in advance, so they’d know how many people to expect. I responded to the invitation out of mild curiosity. I figured if the food was any good, then it might be worth showing up with Chris just to get a free meal (yeah, I’m cheap).

I Didn’t Expect Much . . .

I have to admit, I didn’t have high expectations. At my old job, work parties were almost embarrassing. A few handful of writers would get together, make an attempt to socialize, and then leave not long after. We didn’t really have an HR department, so any activities we had were planned by everyone in our small team. We didn’t have a budget, and we couldn’t plan anything during work hours.

awkward party

Additionally, at my husband’s work, their parties weren’t all that impressive either. They had a slightly bigger budget, so there was food most of the time, but the activities were awkward. Most of the parties I attended involved the higher-ups patting themselves on the back for making a certain number of sales and to encourage lower employees to follow their shining example. Occasionally the guests would have Halo tournaments, but those were rare.

I Was Blown Away!

So far, my experience at my new job has been really positive. The people I work with are fantastic, and my coworkers go out of their way to make sure everyone feels comfortable and appreciated. I should have known that my new job would have the same approach with work parties.

The party was held at a local college convention center, and when Chris and I walked in, the first thing I said was “Wow.”

Bounce houses and small trains rides were available for little kids. Zorb races and and a rock wall were at one end of the room. Food tables lined two of the walls, and there was even a live band for karaoke.

work party

But that wasn’t all!

Large courts upstairs had been booked for volleyball and basketball tournaments, another room was playing the Lego movie, and another room had a Halo tournament. There was pretty much something for everyone–and wow, tons of people showed up.

I never realized how big my company was until everyone poured into the convention center. Several hundred people (at least) showed up for the party, and many of them brought their entire family for the fun.

Even better, this party was all about appreciating the employees. There were no announcements about sales or statistics–everyone was there to have a good time. There was even a giant raffle going on for the employees and their families; some of the prizes included high-end LED TVs, GoPros, XBoxes, and Blendtecs. While Chris and I didn’t win anything, it was still nice to see that everyone was having fun.

We Joined in the Fun

Not long after we showed up, we were invited to sit at a table with some of the writers from my team. As soon as Chris and I filled our plates with tasty buffet-style food, we sat down and got to know a few people.

When we finished eating, we explored some of the fun things the party had to offer–Chris found some tasty cotton candy and I grabbed some soft-serve ice cream. It was loads of fun.

Chris karaoke

Chris even sang karaoke on the stage with the live band. He sang “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, and he was awesome. I’m not being biased here–he really did a fantastic job, and many people complimented him on his performance. I Love love LOVE that he can sing–I fall in love all over again every time he does.

Eventually we got tired of wandering around though, so we left not long after the raffle was finished. I was really happy with how it turned out, and it gave me yet another reason to love my new job even more. I still can’t believe how much better my new job is than my old one, and I look forward to working there for a while yet.