Free Preschool Printables – Letter A

preschool printables letter a

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve shared my latest preschool printables. I originally thought I’d share one page on occasion depending on time constraints. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to knock out the rest of the letter A packet this week.

But I did. So here you go.

I’d love to finish this pet project of mine and eventually do the rest of the alphabet (and numbers up to 20). But I started doing these pages two years ago, and I’ve only done numbers one through three, so at this rate my kids will be in college before I finish. Still, I hope you enjoy what I made, even if it’s not very much at the moment.

Download Preschool Printables for Free

My art isn’t topnotch or particularly original. You could just as easily buy a coloring book from Walmart for an affordable price. But buying coloring books over and over again can get expensive, and I want to make things as easy and affordable as possible to all families. So I’ve made these pages completely free to download at your convenience.

PDF Format

If you prefer PDF formats for printing pictures, here are the files:

Don’t want to download them individually? I put them together into a single printable PDF packet.

JPG Format

I understand that not everyone has a PDF reader. So I made the files available in JPG format, too:

I’ve also made them available in a Zip File for faster downloads.

Need Something Different?

I’m not particularly computer savvy, but my husband is. If you need a different file format or you notice that one of my file links just isn’t working, please feel free to let me know in the comment section or through my contact me page. I’ll do my best to fix it and make a workable format for you.

Buy It on Etsy

I started this website as a way to share my work with others. It’s not my job. I’m not paid a salary (though I do receive a small commission through Amazon Associates and through advertising). This website barely pays for itself.

If you like my preschool printables project and want to support future creations, you can purchase a downloadable packet through my Etsy Store. Remember: you are not obligated to buy this packet at all. It’s all for free right here on this page.

Check Out My Other Printables

This is my letter A preschool printables packet. It’s the first of the alphabet, so I don’t have a lot of other pages for you to download just yet. However, I do have the numbers 1 through 3 if you are interested. Please check back regularly for updates and see how I’m doing.

I hope you and your family enjoy my creations! Have fun coloring and writing and drawing together.