Aren’t Pigtail Braids Adorable?

I love pigtail braids. I think they’re just so sweet and cute. They frame my face so nicely.

So when I found a model on Pinterest with a cheery smile and pigtail braids, I couldn’t help myself. I drew her and had a lot of fun doing it.

I know I should push myself more with my drawing and do more full-body drawings, but I caught a cold over the weekend and just wanted to do something easy.

art by jennibeedoodles

Some Expression Practice

I drew something! I used a Pinterest model or two as a reference, and then I went from there with the expressions. I'm not happy with everything, but I'm glad I finished these.

jennibee mine logo

I Made New Logos

My site is growing - so I figured it was time for a refresh. I designed new logos for both my bread blog and my personal blog.