Sourdough Discard Mini Lemon Snowball Doughnuts

So do you remember my post from forever ago when I talked about how much I love Dash products? I had purchased a rice cooker and an egg cooker from them and liked them so much I just had to blog about it.

I’m not affiliated with Dash in any way – and my opinions are my own. But, I just had to say that since that post a year ago, I’ve purchased the Dash waffle iron, the pancake maker, and the doughnut maker. All of their products have worked just beautifully – and they all come in super cute colors.

My doughnut maker, in particular, has sparked my baking creativity. It’s been a lot of fun thinking about different flavors and glazes for doughnuts, and I even came up with my own sourdough discard doughnut recipe: lemon snowballs.

slow cooker potato soup

Slow-Cooker Potato Soup

Whenever I feel like eating cheap and healthy, I make this cozy slow-cooker potato soup. Just dump all the ingredients into the pot and let the magic happen.