Happy Valentine’s Day from Jennibee

Happy Valentine's Day from jennibee

We’re already halfway through February, can you believe it? I know Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago, but I wanted to wish you all a belated holiday and spread the love. I hope you know that I appreciate you, and thank you for stopping by and reading my rambling personal blog posts.

Valentine’s Day has been a fun holiday for me and my husband for a while now. Although we like to do the traditional chocolates, flowers, and small gifts on this special day, the last few years we’ve made it a tradition to make digital cards for each other. Most of the time they include a small doodle of some kind, as well as a heartfelt note. This year, we’ve started to make Valentine’s art for our daughter as well, and I figured I’d share the doodles with you.

slow cooker caramelized onions

Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions

I don’t have the patience to stand around and wait for onions to caramelize while frantically stirring on the stovetop. So I use my slow cooker to do the work for me.