Poison Mushroom Necklace with Quartz

Last week I shared a poison mushroom necklace with garnet stones set in the top. At about the same time I made that necklace, I made a sister carving from the same avocado pit. This poison mushroom necklace with quartz may look similar to its other half, but I like to think that I made it unique enough to attract attention on its own.

Although I made these necklaces months ago, I’m finally creating a listing for them in my Etsy shop and blog shop. They make for great friendship gifts when purchased together. But don’t hesitate to buy either poison mushroom necklace if one sticks out to you personally.

hand-carved avocado stone necklace with heart

Last Day of My Sale

Today is the last day of my sale! Everything is 20% off right now with free shipping. Don't wait until the last minute to buy a Christmas gift!