Have You Tried Braided Egg Bread (Challah)?

Every Easter, I scour the Internet for bread inspiration. Carrot Cake tends to pop up regularly, so naturally, I made a carrot cake bread. Brioche is another common bread, as it features a lot of eggs, so I made a loaf of that too. But this year, I discovered challah, a braided egg bread that’s oh-so-pretty to look at and even better to eat.

Although Challah is a popular bread for Jewish holidays, it’s a fun loaf that you can make at any time. It has more protein than a typical white bread thanks to all the eggs, and it doesn’t need a standing mixer to make, so it’s a solid recipe for beginning bakers that want a more filling loaf.

If you want to learn how to make Challah, please stop by my blog BreadbytheHour.com.

I Had So Much Fun Braiding

I confess that I’m terrible at doing hair. On a good day, I can brush my hair back into a ponytail. On a bad day, I consider chopping it off and never brushing my hair again. I try hard, but I struggle with braiding my daughter’s hair into a simple three-strand braid. French braids and Dutch braids are complete and utter mysteries to me.

Braiding bread, however, is a delight.

braided egg bread (challah)

Just look at that loaf! I had so much fun making it. Even when I messed up on the braiding, I still ended up with a beautiful bread that I thoroughly enjoyed eating afterward.

Braided egg bread may look complicated, but it’s much easier to braid four strands of dough than it is to braid seemingly countless strands of hair on a fidgety child.

I’m Excited to Experiment

Braided egg bread lends itself to creativity – both with the braiding and with the actual ingredients. When I first made the bread, I just wanted to dunk it into Zuppa Toscana. But my husband had lots of suggestions to make challah even more exciting. From slicing it into French toast to rolling Nutella spread into the strands – the possibilities seem endless.

braided egg bread (challah)

Although the recipe on my BreadbytheHour site is simple and straightforward, I hope you feel as inspired to try new things as my husband and I did. We look forward to experimenting with a cinnamon swirl challah drizzled with cream cheese frosting and a pizza pull-apart challah with mozzarella worked into the strands.

Did You Try It?

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