Time to Take a Mental Health Break

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Alrighty – I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. I went on hiatus in October and had my baby in December. During that time, I not only prepped for my baby, but I wrote content and planned posts for my return in January.

Since the beginning of this year, I have posted 5 days a week, every other week through March. That’s 35 posts – not including the in-depth posts I wrote for Breadbythehour.com. The recipes I experimented with, the photos I took, and the drawings I created might not be perfect, but they took a lot of work to make from start to finish.

And now I’m tired.

Don’t Worry – I’m Fine!

Yes, a lot of mommas experience postpartum depression. They understandably struggle to bond with their babies or keep up with household demands. Hormones go wild, and life gets incredibly tough.

However, I am feeling bright and cheerful and happy. I love my baby. I have an incredible support system. And even though my son doesn’t sleep through the night, I can always take things easy the next day to compensate. My hobbies still drive me, and I’ve been getting a handle on my diet and exercise. Overall, I’m easing into being a new baby mommy without too much fuss.

Please don’t think this mental health break is a cry for help. I’m good on that front.

You Can’t Fill With an Empty Cup

I am a bit tired though. I feel like I’ve run a bit of a marathon with my blogging the last three months. Cranking content out regularly on top of juggling a baby takes a lot of energy. I’ve burnt a lot of bread. I’ve undone and redone the same knitted hat three times. And many of the pictures I take are blurry. The signs are there – it’s time to rest.

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I’m going to enjoy Spring Break with my daughter as thoroughly as I can. I’m going to go for lots of walks in the warm spring weather. I’m going to take naps in the sunshine with my son and give lots of hugs to my husband. We all need a chance to enjoy each other’s company, pamper ourselves, and soak up some good inspirational vibes.

And when I’m done with my mental health break, you can count on me to come back with even more fun projects, recipes, and posts.

You Deserve a Break, Too

I suppose I could technically keep pushing myself to keep going. After all, this little side hustle has helped buy a few groceries and fun odds and ends. Our family could use the extra cash.

But I get the feeling that I would do myself and my site more harm than good if I dig in stubbornly rather than let the creative content flow naturally. Everyone deserves a chance to rest every once in a while. It’s okay to be a human being and not a human doing, so to speak.

So if you’re reading this, maybe take some time to yourself, too. You’ve been working hard and deserve a mental health break. It doesn’t matter if you go on vacation or simply take five minutes to sip your favorite hot chocolate out of a mushroom mug. Give yourself a high five, pat yourself on the back, and relax.

My site will still be here when we get back.

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