Capturing Clematis: Part Two

I’m a fairly anxious person. It doesn’t matter if I have a doctor’s appointment, van repairs, or online interviews – I get super jittery whenever anything takes me out of my comfort zone.

With all the crazy stuff happening this week, I’ve really appreciated taking the time to stop and smell the flowers – literally. It really brightens my day to see these gorgeous flowers peeking over the fences in my neighborhood.

I’m sure it looks weird to my neighbors whenever I go out of my way to take pictures of flowers, but I love showing my daughter all the little things in nature that make me happy. Maybe these pictures will brighten your day, too.

And Some Good News

All four images above received approval at Shutterstock. If you want to use any of these stock images for your website, check them out at my Shutterstock portfolio. Or feel free to contact me and we can work out something through email.