Happy Valentine’s Day from Jennibee

Happy Valentine's Day from jennibee

We’re already halfway through February, can you believe it? I know Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago, but I wanted to wish you all a belated holiday and spread the love. I hope you know that I appreciate you, and thank you for stopping by and reading my rambling personal blog posts.

Valentine’s Day has been a fun holiday for me and my husband for a while now. Although we like to do the traditional chocolates, flowers, and small gifts on this special day, the last few years we’ve made it a tradition to make digital cards for each other. Most of the time they include a small doodle of some kind, as well as a heartfelt note. This year, we’ve started to make Valentine’s art for our daughter as well, and I figured I’d share the doodles with you.

My Latest Doodles

lego indiana jones Valentine's Day card by jennibee

This is the doodle I drew for my husband this year. He’s a big fan of Legos, and he loves the classic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. So when I saw that I could combine two of his favorite things, I couldn’t wait to draw this picture for Valentine’s Day and pick up this Indiana Jones set from Amazon.*

lucas the spider Valentine's Day card by jennibee

This is the doodle I drew for my daughter this year. Normally, spiders wouldn’t make the cut for Valentine’s Day. They tend to appear more often around Halloween at our house. However, my daughter adores Lucas the spider. She really wanted a spider plush for Christmas this year but my go-to online stores were out of stock. When I saw a Lucas plush available for Valentine’s Day, I snagged one for her as soon as I could.

Some Past Doodles

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, then you’d know that my site crashed back when my daughter was a newborn. I lost a lot of my favorite content, but I saved what I could. Fortunately, I didn’t lose my favorite Valentine’s Day drawings from my husband.

He drew these drawings ages ago – and it feels like a completely different lifetime. But I still come back to them again and again because there’s so much love put into the art.

Spreading the Love

I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day – I definitely enjoyed surprising my lovely family with my gifts this year. But if you don’t have anyone special to celebrate, please don’t fret. I love and appreciate you for stopping by, even if we never meet. You might not realize it, but every visitor that reads my posts has a positive impact on my site. You’ve made a difference just by being here.

So here’s a hug from me to you. *Squish*

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