Sourdough Discard Ramekin Blondies for Four

Can you believe it’s been more than a year since I shared my sourdough discard blondie recipe? It’s crazy how much time has flown.

I love making blondies and I love eating them – but sometimes an entire batch of blondies just seems like too much. There are days when I crave the buttery tangy sweet flavor and chewy texture, but I don’t want that craving to result in eating blondies every day for a week. I just want a few bites, you know?

So this week I decided to go for a small batch of blondies in my ever-faithful ramekin dishes. I scaled down the recipe so it would make just four servings, one for me, my husband, and my daughter, and an extra for whomever happens to be visiting.

And I must say that I’m in love now.

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