Sourdough Discard Gingerbread Muffins

Over the holidays, I went a bit nuts with my baking. I made artisan-style sourdough loaves, and I made super soft sourdough rolls. I made cookies and pies and way more treats than was healthy.

But despite all my baking, I still struggled to keep up with my sourdough starter. I didn’t want to keep the starter in the fridge because I had lots of recipes that required an active, bubbly levain.

And then amidst the baking, I had a thought: gingerbread.

almond joy cookie dunked in milk

Almond Joy Cookies

I've found it! The lost recipe has returned! Almond Joy Cookies are back on my blog, baby. You need to try them ASAP.

sourdough discard soft pretzels

Sourdough Discard Soft Pretzels

I love love love soft pretzels. But I had no idea just how much I loved them until I made sourdough pretzels. That sourdough tang pairs beautifully with a smidge of mustard.