Just Some Pictures of My Dog

I figured since I showed you all my cat the other day that I should also show you my dog.

This is Frankie.

He is the goodest boy that ever did live. He’s got the best ears and the fluffiest tail. And he’s always up for a game of fetch.

You should tell him he’s handsome. He probably won’t care because he’s much more interested in his ball. But you should tell him anyway. And then give him scritches.

frankie dog

Look into those brown eyes. But don’t fall into their spell. He may look cute, but Frankie will steal any food you happen to drop on the floor.

So you better just give him proper treats instead. And even more scritches. He likes them on that spot on his back, right above his tail.

I Can Finally Relax Now

If you actually read my whole post from last time, I figured I would give you an update.

The surgery went well. No problems during the procedure. My husband’s recovering nicely, although he has to be on oxygen at night until his nose has healed.

And driving to and from the hospital went well for me, too. I managed to get home without making any crazy traffic violations or wrecking the car, so that’s a plus.

I think I panicked so much beforehand that when the actual event happened, I managed to stay fairly calm during everything.

Now it’s time for us to relax at home. Make some snacks. Play some video games. And cuddle with my family. All of my family, including the furry four-legged ones.

No April Fools here. Just snuggles and love.

Time to Play Fetch With My Dog

Thanks for being so patient with me during my jittery anxious time. I appreciate all the love and support. I really do. You guys are the best.

I think Frankie needs someone to throw the ball again, so I’m going to do that now.

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