Preschool Printables Letter A for Alpaca

preschool printables alpaca color me page by jennibee

My baby nurses like clockwork these days – every hour, almost on the hour for 15 minutes and naps for 15 minutes immediately after. If I so much as move or try to put him down during that time frame, he wakes up and fusses. On the other hand, if I draw preschool printables via Procreate on my iPad while holding him in my arms, he wakes up with nothing but smiles.

So here’s this week’s doodle drawn during multiple nursing and napping sessions. It’s a simple coloring page of an alpaca. I figured an alpaca representing the letter A was a nice change from the traditional apple. You can expect to see this fluffy friend on a few of my upcoming letter A preschool printables.

Download and Print for Free

I know what it feels like to have a tight budget. And keeping a preschooler occupied can be an expensive endeavor. To save you some stress, my preschool printables are absolutely free to download.

I’m not an expert with computers, but my husband knows quite a bit. If you have a problem downloading this cute alpaca coloring page, let me know through my contact me page. And I’ll do my best to make the page available in a different format. If needed, I’ll do some Googling on your behalf or ask my husband to ensure you have an easy breezy download experience.

Did You Know Alpacas Are Different From Llamas?

If you’re hoping for a teaching moment whenever you hand your child a coloring page, I’ve got you covered today. Although alpacas look a lot like llamas, they are entirely different creatures!

Alpacas weigh about 100 to 175 pounds and measure approximately 3 feet tall. Llamas, in contrast, are much bigger – weighing 200 to 350 pounds and standing closer to 4 feet tall. Alpacas are shy, gentle animals; whereas llamas are bolder and more hostile when threatened.

Both animals have fluffy coats. However, alpacas have a much wider variety, with 22 naturally occurring colors. Furthermore, alpaca hair is much softer and thicker, making it a popular choice for creating yarn and fabric.

Looking for More Free Content?

I know this Alpaca coloring page might not seem like much on its own. However, I plan to make it a part of my preschool printables packets. Although I have to make my content piecemeal due to my busy schedule, you can count on me to slowly, but surely add more free pages to the collection.

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