Preschool Printables Letter A Sign Language

preschool printables letter a sign language page

As an amateur artist, I have a confession to make: hands are hard to draw. This week, I thought I’d challenge myself and practice drawing hands. Although it took me a few attempts, eventually I drew a hand worthy of my preschool printables collection. (Please don’t critique it.)

The hand in the drawing might not look like much, but it’s the Letter A in sign language. If you want to give your child a jumpstart on learning ASL, this sign-it coloring page can help him or her recognize the letter and hopefully remember to use it in the future.

Download and Print for Free

I like making coloring pages for my kids. My daughter in particular had a lot of fun coloring the nails and giving this hand unique jewelry. I hope your child can enjoy my art just as much as my child did, so I’m letting you download this page for free. Print and re-print the page as much as you like – it’s yours to play around with.

If you want to save on paper, consider printing the page and then putting it a protective sleeve. Then your children can draw on the sleeve with a dry erase marker. When they’ve finished, you can simply wipe away the color so it’s clean for the next time they want to draw.

Right now I’ve made all the preschool printables pages available in PDF and JPG formats. If you need a different format, please let me know in my contact page, and I’ll see what I can do to make it available in your desired file type.

Have Fun Signing

Don’t let the fact that sign language is often used by the hearing impaired fool you.

Even if your child has perfect hearing, sign language can be useful to him or her in surprising ways. The ability to communicate to friends and family is invaluable during noisy events like concerts where you’d otherwise have to shout. Similarly, sign language would allow your child to express his or her needs in quiet locations without interrupting others, such as at a the library or movie theater.

If you’re teaching your preschooler the alphabet, signing the letters is a tactile and fun way to promote learning. Although this preschool printables page might not seem like much on its own, it can be the first step in your child’s language journey.

Want More Free Content?

I’m slowly but surely adding to my free preschool printables collection. If you liked this page, be sure to check out my other art as well. I do my best to make my pages fun for kids to color.

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