Free Preschool Printables Packet – Number 1

Free Preschool Printables Number 1

My daughter loves coloring and drawing and tracing letters as part of her preschool curriculum. So to keep her busy and learning, I put together this packet of free preschool printables for her to enjoy.

Once I finished them, I realized that other children her age might have fun with them, too, and I thought I’d throw these up for everyone to download and have fun with.

I hope to eventually get through the whole alphabet and up to 20 in numbers. This little pet project might take a while, so be patient with me as I upload them.

Download Free Preschool Printables

I hate bait-and-switch printable packets that I see online. Many sites try to hook you with one cute coloring page, and then they want to charge you $20 for an entire preschool workbook.

Although I do want to make a downloadable workbook eventually, I don’t want low-income kids to miss out on fun learning activities. For your convenience, you can download these 10 pages, themed around the number 1.

PDF Format

Here are the individual PDF files:

Or you can download them together in a single printable PDF packet.

JPG Format

Don’t have a PDF reader? Here are the JPGs:

You can also download them all together as a Zip file.

Need Something Different?

I want to make sure you have access to my free preschool printables, so if you need a different file format, feel free to let me know.

Support Me Through Etsy

I made these printables with Procreate, and I did them myself. Although the art looks simple, it does occupy some of my time.

If you want to support the creation of these printables, you can purchase them as part of a Numbers Packet through my Blog Shop or My Etsy Store.

Remember, this is a completely voluntary purchase. You can print these pages for free right here.

Have Fun!

I hope you and your child have just as much fun with these free preschool printables as I did making them. Feel free to check back regularly to see my latest printables and downloads.