Summer of Bugs and Bees

I can’t believe it’s October already! The leaves are turning colors, my Halloween decorations are out, and I already have a huge bag of Halloween candy hidden in my closet. Of course, the candy probably won’t last all the way until Halloween, and I will probably need to make another last-minute trip to Costco for more candy, but I’m doing my best to hold out.

Anyways, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought I’d give a quick update about how my summer went now that fall is officially here. In addition to baking a ridiculous amount of bread for my bread blog, I really went nuts taking bee photos with my clip-on lens and my phone.

Although 95% of my photos turned out blurry, I’m really happy with the few pictures I managed to get. Honey bees, bumblebees, and digger bees all gathered around the lavender bushes in my neighborhood and I had a grand time snapping their pictures.

In addition to bees, I found a few butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs, and I had a ton of fun showing all these little bug friends to my daughter on our afternoon walks together.

Shutterstock accepted some of my bug photos, too, so if you want to support me or need a few images on your own website or blog, feel free to check out my portfolio.

What Will I Do Next?

Now that fall is here, I probably won’t take as many bee and bug photos, simply because most of the flowers are fading in preparation for winter and the bugs are getting ready for hibernation.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop creating! I’ll still baking bread for my other blog, and I’m excited to get back into carving avocado necklaces for my Etsy store. I recently purchased a wood burning kit, so I might give that a try and use that to make even more unique jewelry to sell.

I know it will take some work and some time, but eventually, I hope to also build up an online store here on my blog as well as Etsy. So keep an eye out for these fun new projects over the next few weeks and months!