5 Newborn Essentials I Can’t Live Without

newborn essentials

In case you were unaware, I recently had a baby. I put my blogs on hiatus. Then, I let my personal hobbies take a back seat so I could enjoy time with my newborn.

Although I’m still struggling to manage my time and get into my groove, I have found that a few items have saved my sanity during this stressful but wonderful time. Although this list is far from comprehensive, these 5 newborn essentials were just what I needed to ease back into mothering an infant.

1. Ingenuity SwaddleMe Sleep Sacks

newborn essentials swaddleme sleep sacks

When my daughter was tiny, I practiced swaddling to ensure I got things right. I watched a few tutorials online, and I even double-checked with the hospital nurse to see if my technique was perfect.

But no amount of practice could prepare me for the ninja baby that I had. I’d wrap her arms tightly until she looked snug as a bug. Within minutes, however, she’d squirm her way out of the blanket and fuss because her startle reflex would wake her up.

This time around, I planned ahead for my escape artist son. With the SwaddleMe Sleep Sacks, the sturdy velcro held up just fine despite his wiggles and kicks. Additionally, the sacks had little zippers on the bottom for easier diaper changes. Better still, they were machine washable, making them perfect for easy cleanup after a late-night blowout.

Of all my newborn essentials, these swaddle sacks are by far my favorite purchases.

2. NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump

newborn essentials ncvi electric breast pump

I’m not going to hop onto the breastfeeding or bottle feeding argument in this post. I’m a strong believer that “Fed is Best.” So whatever method you use to ensure your baby stays comfy and full is totally acceptable in my book.

However, I personally enjoy breastfeeding for multiple reasons. It’s cheaper, it’s often faster, and it’s a great way to bond with my baby. When I had my daughter, I started out mix feeding her with formula so my husband could step in from time to time, but formula was often pricey. I couldn’t afford a breast pump at the time, and my insurance didn’t want to cover the cost. I tried a cheap manual breast pump, but I could never manage more than a few drops using the device.

This time with my son, I was determined to breast feed as much as possible while still saving money. Fortunately, breast pumps have become far more affordable in the last few years, and I managed to snag a NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump on sale at Amazon. This pump has worked beautifully for the months I’ve had it.

Although pumping is still a time consuming process, the pump has more than paid for itself compared to my other newborn essentials. When comparing the cost in formula versus the cost of the pump, the pump wins every time.

3. BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack

newborn essentials babbleroo diaper bag

For the first few weeks of having my newborn, I didn’t want to leave the house. All I wanted to do was enjoy the holidays with my little family and keep away from the crowds that would undoubtedly introduce cold, flu, and RSV into our household.

But despite wanting to be a hermit for a few months, my family still had appointments to keep and groceries to buy. I had to leave the house on occasion, and when I did, I prepared for just about any baby emergency I could think of. The BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack has plenty of room for diapers, bottles, onesies, snacks, pacifiers, and other newborn essentials. Better still, it has the usual backpack straps so your hands can be free to hold your baby. And it has purse handles, so you can grab your bag and go at your convenience.

4. Besrey Baby Carrier

newborn essentials besrey baby carrier

Both my daughter and now my son are Velcro children. Neither of them settled unless they were being held. I spent hours holding them in my arms, desperately hoping they’d go to sleep at some point so I could do some dishes.

Once I snagged the Besrey Baby Carrier, I felt free to do so much more around the house. The baby carrier comes with a padded cushion, which functions as both a nursing pillow and a hip seat (for carrying around toddlers). It’s adjustable just about everywhere, so it easily accommodates a growing baby. And as an added plus, it extends to fit my husband. A carrier capable of allowing my 6’4” husband to hold my baby earns all the praise I can give it.

5. iFamily Baby Monitor

newborn essentials ifamily baby monitor

I’m an overly anxious mother. Every little grunt, groan, and whimper from my kids sent me running to check on them. During the newborn stages, I slept as close as possible to my babies so I could be available anytime they needed me.

But I couldn’t always hover inches away at every second of the day. Sometimes I needed time to myself, and other times I needed to finish some late-night chores while they slept. The iFamily Baby Monitor gave me enough peace of mind to step away for a time and have a break. The monitor uses Bluetooth, not WiFi, so I didn’t have to fiddle with a bad connection. It also came with two cameras, so I could keep track of both my son and my daughter in the middle of the night.

What Are Your Favorite Newborn Essentials?

Most parents know to have plenty of diapers, wipes, and onesies for their newborn baby. However, not as many parents are aware just how useful sleepsacks, diaper backpacks, and extra large carriers can be. I know how hard it is to adjust to a new little member of family, so I’m sharing my tips to make things easier for all the parents out there who stop by my site.

But I’m always on the lookout for making parenthood less stressful. If you have newborn essentials that you absolutely love, please feel free to recommend them in the comment section below.

And just to be completely transparent: I am an Amazon associate, so I do earn a small commission on affiliate links. I only link to products I use and enjoy regularly, and I do not get paid for reviewing specific products. My opinions are my own.