I’m Trying Hydroponics Again

hydroponics tank

A few weeks ago, I shared my New Year’s Goals with you. One of my goals this year was to give hydroponics another try. Last year I had hit and miss results with the tank my parents bought for me. Although the little seeds sprouted beautifully, the sprouts themselves struggled for multiple reasons.

So here I am, giving the process another go. I’m excited to get a start on my tomato plants this year so I can move them into my greenhouse. My tomatoes last year thrived in the environment initially. But due to a cold spell, I had to harvest the tomatoes before they could ripen on the vine.

Think I’ll have better success this year?

Here’s What I Have So Far

Last year, I filled my tank with water, added a sprinkle of tomato fertilizer, and popped the seeds in the provided containers. They sprouted, turned yellow, and died all within a few weeks.

This year, I thought I’d do a little research. Instead of generic tomato fertilizer, I’m using a liquid plant fertilizer specifically designed for indoor hydroponics gardens.

hydroponics liquid plant fertilizer

Furthermore, instead of using tomato seeds from an old seed packet, I’m keeping my greenhouse limits in mind. I didn’t know that some tomato plants would grow indefinitely tall. And my tomatoes quickly ran out of space in my greenhouse. This year, I’m specifically choosing a smaller cherry tomato variety.

These red heirloom tomato seeds* were bred for hydroponic gardens, but I figured if they outgrew indoor tank, then I could transfer them to my outdoor greenhouse without too much fuss.

I’m Not Sure Where to Go From Here

I’m going to be honest with you. Hydroponics are completely foreign to me. I’m not sure what to do with my tank other than let it do its thing in my bedroom. I turn it on, set the timer, and pray that my little seeds will have better success this year than last year.

hydroponics cherry tomatoes

I’m still learning a lot about hydroponics and the best way to maintain plants indoors. I don’t know how often I should use the fertilizer, and I don’t know exactly how much light these tomatoes need to grow their best. My hydroponics tank has an adjust light, but I’m not sure at what stage I should move it further away from my plants.

I will keep you posted on how my garden grows this year. Maybe I’ll get lucky, or maybe I’ll flop spectacularly. In either case, it will be a learning experience, which is always a magical thing.

Have You Tried Hydroponics?

Several of my family members have experimented with hydroponics to varying degrees of success. Of course, their tank came with instructions and seeds, so all they had to do was follow the path set before them. I’m floundering a bit in the dark, so to speak, and could use some pointers.

If you have experience with hydroponics, please share in the comments below. I see a lot varying opinions online as to the best way to go about things, but I’d love to hear what you think I should do.

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