Adventures With a Ladybug

I take a lot of pictures of bees. Whenever I see one buzzing on a flower, I grab my clip-on lens and just go nuts with my phone. (Yes, I have a fancy new camera but it’s a bit bulky for my everyday walks around the neighborhood.)

But this week, I’ve actually stumbled across more ladybugs in the trees than bees.

Just look at this little ladybug mom! I found lots of egg clusters on the tree, so she must have had a busy day (or maybe lots of fellow ladybug moms were at it at the same time).

Anyways, I love finding ladybugs on my walk. I always feel a bit lucky whenever I can get one in focus because my camera lens has a hard time focusing on something so small and round (I’m not sure why).

And ladybugs are just so sweet, and they do a great job at eating the aphids that would otherwise kill the flowers in my garden.

I just love counting their spots whenever I find ladybugs, too. I’ve done that ever since I was a kid. Do you count them too?