Found Some Bees in a Bush

I like to take walks with my daughter throughout our neighborhood. Although I miss some days if the weather is poor, I try to make an effort to go around our area and point out any flowers or bugs or interesting bits of nature I find along the way.

And I think the habit has rubbed off on my daughter.

Yesterday when I went for a walk, my daughter stopped me at almost every bush and flower along the way. Better still, she pointed out the bees that were flocking to a particular bush that I wouldn’t have given much attention. The bush itself didn’t seem particularly attractive at a glance, but up close, I found it had teeny tiny flowers.

And the bees were working very hard at gathering as much as they could from every little flower there. It was a great opportunity to take a few more pictures of my bee friends.

I’m feeling pretty proud of my daughter right now.

And Some Good News

Although some of my bee pictures were a little too small or blurry to submit, most of my photos were accepted as stock images at Shutterstock. If you want to support me, you could purchase and download some of the images from my Shutterstock portfolio to use on your own site. Or, you could email me and we could work out an alternative.