Don’t Wait to Try Almond Joy Bread

I love Almond Joys.

One of my favorite cookie recipes are Almond Joy Cookies, and I make them way too often. I can’t seem to get enough of the coconut, chocolate, and almond combo.

To switch things up, I invented an Almond Joy Bread recipe. And you guessed it – it takes my favorite flavors and mixes them together into a tasty loaf.

almond joy bread

It took me a while to get the balance of flavors right, and it took me even longer to figure out how to keep my loaf from falling apart whenever I pulled it out of the pan.

And all my efforts have finally culminated in a bread that feels as indulgent as my cookies. Seriously, don’t wait to go to my bread blog

Let Me Know What You Think

If you do try my Almond Joy Bread recipe, don’t forget to rate it or comment on the post. I love hearing feedback from my friends and family, and the more interactions a recipe has, the more people will find it in Google.

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