Happy Winky Day to My Sweetie Pie

Happy Winky Day Wink Face

Happy Winky Day, everyone!

What is winky day? Winky day is a special holiday that my husband and I celebrate every year on January 8. It’s the day I first “winked” at Chris.

Yes, technically I’m a few days late with my post this year. But even so, I can’t believe that we’ve been smiling at each other since 2011. It’s crazy to think that we’re going on 13 years now. I guess traditionally this year would be our lace year, symbolizing the intertwining of our lives. And wow, have we grown a lot since we first met.

I Met My Husband Online

I know that a lot of people meet through apps and online dating sites these days. Thanks to the pandemic, more and more people see the value in starting a relationship long distance and then getting to know each other in person when they feel ready.

But I’m old. Or at least, I feel old. And back when I first met Chris, online dating was still a novel idea, one met with a bit of criticism. When I used OKCupid for the first time, I felt a bit self-conscious and embarrassed, as if it were a last resort rather than a valid option.

I’m so happy I sent that first message anyway.

Happy Winky Day Jennibee at the computer

When Chris answered my message, I was cautiously optimistic. But with each subsequent message, I fell more and more in love with the way he wrote. He put genuine thought and creativity into our emails and chats, and by the time we had our first date, I was head over heels.

We’ve Been Married for More Than a Decade

A lot has happened since those initial online messages. I moved into my own apartment, bought a car, and got a job just so I could be closer to Chris. We later married in December of 2011, and we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon. And of course, we wished each other a Happy Winky Day each year since then.

Chris graduated college and snagged a job as an animator. We bought our townhouse. I had my daughter, and I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. I learned to bake bread while Chris continued to develop his skills as an artist.

Happy Winky Day Jennibee Blog

We’ve weathered COVID, credit card debt, and medical issues together. We’ve grown a lot as people, learning from each other. And we’ve done our best to make communication and respect an integral part of our relationship.

I Look Forward to Many More Years Together

I feel like the birth of our son is a new chapter in our lives this year, just as the birth of our daughter was the starter of a different chapter. This little guy has brought us all closer together, and I’m excited for us to all grow as a family.

Happy Winky Day Jenni and Chris

Although our Happy Winky Day started out as an excuse for Chris and Me to keep the holidays going, it’s become a family tradition to give each other little gifts and find ways of making each other smile. We’ve taught our daughter to wink, and although he’s a still too little, soon our son will wink with the rest of us.

I look forward to lots more winky days with my family, and I’ll keep sharing some of our bigger moments with you. Feel free to follow along with us in my personal adventures section.

Who’s Special in Your Life?

I love saying Happy Winky Day to all the special people in my family. But want to know what else I love? Hearing about your family traditions too!

What kind of special days do you and your family celebrate? Tell me all about your cute meetups and adorable traditions in the comment section below.

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