Try My Savory Sourdough Discard Quick Bread

I made good use of my hiatus and managed to finish a few bread recipes before I had my baby. This week, I’m excited to share one of those recipes with you: savory sourdough discard quick bread.

My latest sourdough discard recipe was so easy that I’m surprised it took me this long to think of it. I often think of quick breads solely as dessert loaves. It wasn’t until I went through a no-sugar phase of my pregnancy did I realize that quick breads could be savory.

Now whenever I have too much sourdough starter and not enough time (which happens regularly these days), I just stir the batter together, pop it in the oven, and enjoy my bread an hour later.

savory sourdough discard quick bread

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I had some rough morning sickness during the early phase of my pregnancy. For a few months, anything sugary would make me feel queasy. If a recipe used any kind of sugar, I could taste it, and the lingering flavor made my stomach churn.

As a result, I ate a lot of savory foods in my first trimester. Most of the time, I opted for crackers, but even certain brands of crackers had more sugar than I could bear. I wanted bread, but I didn’t have the energy to make anything that took longer than an hour to put together.

So I made a recipe that checked all the boxes. It had to bake fast. It had to be low in sugar, and it had to offset my morning sickness. A savory sourdough discard quick bread sounded like the perfect solution for all my problems.

After playing around with the ingredients, I realized I couldn’t entirely ditch the sugar. Without it, the bread lacked color and the sourdough tang tasted too strong. I found that a tablespoon was enough to make the perfect quick loaf.

Did You Try It?

I love coming up with new ideas for sourdough starter recipes, and I love it even more when those recipes taste even better than I imagined.

But want to know what’s even better? Your feedback! I always look forward to hearing from my readers.

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