Have You Wondered About Bread Flour?

If you didn’t already know, I bake a LOT of bread. And I mean a LOT.

Well, at least for someone who doesn’t work in a bakery. And I guess, for someone who has a small family and a small budget.

So maybe not THAT much bread.

But, you know, enough.

Anyways – with all my baking, I like to look for ways to save money. And one of the ways I save is deciding whether to use bread flour or to make my own bread flour substitute.

In this week’s bread blog post, I talk about how you can make your own bread flour substitute and I compare prices for both all purpose flour and bread flour. To read about what I learned, feel free to stop by BreadbytheHour.com.

I did a lot of math for that post, and my math skills aren’t that great. I actually took two years of French in college just so I could avoid taking one year of math. Hopefully, my math check outs and it’s all good. If it’s not, feel free to correct me so I can make an accurate post.

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