Honey Almond Flour Bread (Gluten Free)

Alrighty! I know it’s been about a month since I last posted, but that’s because I’ve been pretty busy getting in as much summer time fun as I can. Between swimming at the rec center, playing at splash pads, and partying with friends, I haven’t had as much time for baking and blogging as I would have liked.

However, I did manage to make honey almond flour bread recently, and now I’m glad to share it with you.

I will confess here that my recipe might still need a few tweaks. It’s a bit dense and crumbly, but that’s part of the nature of gluten-free recipes. They just don’t have enough gluten to hold themselves together.

honey almond flour bread gluten free

Also, this loaf could be a bit bigger. I like that this recipe keeps slices small and manageable, so it’s more calorie friendly (almonds are a bit calorie dense, so it makes sense that almond flour bread would be more calorie heavy than traditional wheat bread). They’re almost cute in their tiny size.

But by golly, if I’m going to eat bread, I want it big enough to toast.

So when I have time, I might go back and revise this recipe a little. Maybe add something to give it a better consistency and scale it up so it feels more toast-worthy and not like a dainty little side treat.

Still, it’s super tasty and fast to make. So I’m going to go ahead and share it at Breadbythehour.com and see what others think.

Did You Try It?

I know that my honey almond flour bread recipe is still in its baby stages of being done. Or maybe its adolescent stages because it’s pretty much finished but I’d love to make it better. If you have suggestions for improving it, please let me know. Or if you love it, give it a star rating and share it with others. Rather give some advice to me directly? Shoot me a message through my contact me page.

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