I Found Some Bees on a Rainy Day

  • honeybee on purple wild flower
  • honeybee on purple wild flower
  • honeybee on purple wild flower
  • honeybee on purple wild flower
  • honeybee on purple wild flower

The weather this last month has been uncomfortable, to say the least. With record temperatures in the west and all-time highs in Utah, I haven’t felt safe going outside for extended time periods. As soon as I open the door, I’m blasted with summer heat that makes me sweat bullets.

Because of the awful heat, I’ve kept my day-to-day routine mostly indoors. And of course, I’ve had the air conditioner running like crazy just to keep up with the weather.

However, yesterday offered a brief moment of respite from the heat.

It Rained

It rained for most of the day, and it was enough to wash away that sticky muggy hot feeling. My daughter and I were finally able to go for our usual walk around the neighborhood. And lucky me, the flowers where I like to take pictures of bees were in bloom.

So for about an hour, my daughter and I spent some time admiring the flowers and looking for bees. And we actually found a few buzzing around despite the rainy weather.

In fact, I found a few soggy bees trying to stay dry. Just look at the matted fuzz on this poor little bumblebee.

wet bumblebee

Because of the rainy weather, I didn’t have my fancy DSLR camera with me. I didn’t want to get my expensive equipment wet!

But I did have my phone and a clip-on macro lens, and that’s all I needed to get these fun shots of bees. It did take some maneuvering to get close enough to the bees without bothering them, but I had a lot of fun just doing my best with what I had.

I’m Excited for Better Weather

Now that July is over and August has started, I’m looking forward to some better weather. With those purple flowers in bloom, I bet I’ll be able to get lots more bee close-ups in the next few weeks, assuming the weather doesn’t spike again.

But have you enjoyed the hotter weather? Summer is great for swimming at the pool, but I burn way too easily when I’m outdoors. What do you like to do? Feel free to share in the comments below.